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How To Change Password on Tinder - Social media accounts store personal information, the care of which is very important. Today there are many bad guys who are wary of those who don't keep their accounts secure, so changing passwords regularly is one of the recommended measures to prevent unauthorized access by third parties.

How to change password on Tinder is very easy

Without a doubt, Tinder is an app today, there are millions of users using it, and as a dating app it needs to maintain privacy for more reasons because it contains very intimate messages with other people.  If you want to change your password on Tinder and you don't know how to do it, here we will walk you step by step through the process to do so in a matter of minutes.

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How To Change Tinder password

First of all, you must remember that a password is not required to log into Tinder, therefore you will not be able to change your Tinder password but you can change how you access your account. There are 3 ways to access your Tinder (Facebook, phone number, and email) and you can modify each one to make accessing your account more difficult. Next, we will present you with what alternatives you have for changing your password or access key to Tinder.

Change Tinder password by accessing with Facebook
The most frequently used way to access Tinder is to "Sign in with Facebook". Thanks to this option, you can log into Tinder at the touch of a button, as the app uses your current Facebook data. The problem is that if other people know your Facebook password at the same time, they can also access your Tinder account, because with this option you only need the email and password of this social network.

To change your access password via Facebook, you must log in to Facebook and follow the instructions for changing your password. Once the password is changed in that place, your access password on Tinder will also be changed.

Change Tinder password by changing access phone number
This option isn't about passwords, it's about access via the phone number you registered when you created your account on Tinder. The problem with this type of access is that many times the phone number is lost or changed and you no longer have access to the account this way, or worse, someone else takes control of the phone number linked to your account and can easily access it.

Change your Tinder password by Changing your email password
Finally, Tinder offers the option to regain access to your linked email account, so anyone with access to your email can also have access to your Tinder account. To do so, we recommend that you change your email account password by following the steps appropriate for each service.
Tips for changing your Tinder password
If you're going to change the password for the Tinder app on your iOS phone, the first thing you should know is that a strong password is one that's accompanied by certain numbers, capital letters, and special characters. That will allow your password to be much more secure. It's not that hard, but it's important that you do it regularly, especially every 2 or 3 months so that you don't become vulnerable to any hackers.

After changing your password and as a security measure, we recommend that you confirm if your password has been changed, although every time you make a change on Tinder, they will send you an email that will let you know if you made any related changes in the app.

Taking each of these tips into account, you will always have a guarantee that your account will be protected. But never trust yourself, always check your email and everything Tinder sends because the security of your account depends on it. Avoid leaving your data open automatically, if you can close it do so, so you'll know you'll always be protected.

Thousands of people are currently losing their accounts or not providing them with the appropriate security, so avoid that bitter drink, and change your passwords regularly so you can protect your accounts.

How to change password on Tinder is very easy

How to invert colors on iphone - Do you want to invert the screen of iPhone or iPad? You can invert the colors of the iPhone or iPad screen easily through an Accessibility option. This can be very useful for many users for various purposes, whether it's to review things on the screen in low ambient light, due to some color blindness or other visual difficulties, or perhaps just a general preference.

How To Invert Screen Colors on iPhone and iPad , Read here

There are actually two ways to invert screen colors, one is called 'smart invert' which will invert everything on the screen except media and images, and the other is the 'classic invert' setting which will invert everything on the screen. iPhone or iPad screen.

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This article will show you how to invert the iPhone and iPad screen, and how to disable the screen inversion setting if it was enabled.

How To invert screen colors on iPhone and iPad

  1. Open the settings app
  2. Go to "Accessibility" (or older versions of iOS go to "General" and then "Accessibility")
  3. Go to "Screen Adaptations"
  4. Choose "Invert Colors"
  5. Select any of the screen inversion options by changing the inversion setting to the ON position: ( “Smart Invert”: Inverts the screen colors for the display, except for images and media. "Classic Invert" - Inverts all colors on the screen, including images and media )
  6. Exit Settings when you're done

The iPhone or iPad screen will be reversed immediately and will remain that way until the screen reversal setting is changed or disabled.

Some users have used the “Smart Invert” feature as a kind of dark mode theme for versions of iOS prior to iOS 13 and iPadOS 13, but that is no longer necessary with the inclusion of the new dark mode themes.

How To Disable screen inversion on iPhone and iPad

  • Open the settings app
  • Go to "General" and "Accessibility"
  • Go to "Screen Adaptations"
  • Choose "Invert Colors"
  • Move the switch next to any of the Invert settings to the OFF position

Screen inversion will immediately turn off and the screen will return to normal display color settings when disabled.

It's worth noting that inverting the screen in this way literally reverses the colors on the screen, so it's not the same as enabling dark mode on iPhone or using dark mode on iPad. In earlier versions of iOS, some people used the Invert feature as a way to achieve an interface-like effect, but that is no longer necessary with dark mode as an official feature. In fact, if you use Invert Screen while dark mode is enabled, you will achieve the opposite effect and interface elements will glow again, sort of like the default interface of light mode.

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Screen inversion can be an accessibility option, but it also has practical uses for other reasons, such as making content easier to see in the dark for some users, or many other reasons as well. Whether you're using it for accessibility purposes to make screen content easier to see and read, or you're using it for another reason entirely, now you know how to invert the screen on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

Do you use the screen reversal features of iPhone and iPad? What you think? Let us know your thoughts and experiences in the comments below!

How To Invert Screen Colors on iPhone and iPad , Read here

Resources.com - In this post, we will review about resource.com fortnite which is currently viral and much sought after, especially in Nigeria, Australia and Canada. Some say that resources com, is a generator to get skins or vbucks fortnite, so if you are curious and want to know more complete information then keep reading this post to the end because it will discuss resources com

Resources.com fortnite free skins, Really?

All game players, especially fortnite, really want to get skins or vbucks, so that the opportunity to win the game will be more wide open. In order to get skins or vbucks, players have to spend money to get them, but is it true that players can get free vbucks or fortnite skins using resource.com

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Resources.com fortnite free skins


Resources.com suddenly became trending and was sought after by some Fortnite players who wanted to get free skins, but apparently there were several sources who stated that after searching for a long time Resource.com fortnite was still not found.

Still feeling curious, the author tries to find more information about Resources.com by using the Resource search keyword. However, after continuing to search for information, it turns out that the author still cannot find information about Resources com

After continuing to search and not finding Resources.com fortnite, the author finally concludes that information about getting free fortnite skins using Resources is hoax or false information.

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But you don't need to worry because to get fortnite skins or vbucks, you can try it using several generators that have been reviewed by writers such as Fortfame.com

That's the information that can be shared about Resource.com hopefully the information is useful for you and hopefully after reading this post you can understand and understand the wrong information that says you can get skins or vbucks fortnite using resources.com

Resources.com fortnite free skins, Really?

How To Make a Crafting Table in Minecraft  -  The crafting table in Minecraft is used to craft one of the game's items. So we're talking about one of the most important items, because without a crafting table, we won't be able to craft (manufacture) the vast majority of items in the game.

The craft table is a fundamental object, as it is on this object that we will create all the things that can be made. In fact, this is one of the first items we have to build, because otherwise we won't be able to start creating weapons, tools and all sorts of useful items, decorative items and various upgrades.How to make a craft table in Minecraft, read here

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Recipe for crafting a crafting table

How to make a craft table in Minecraft, read here
make a handmade table

To create a crafting table in Minecraft, we will have to press the “E” KEY to access the player's inventory. In the manufacturing boxes we will place four wooden blocks, regardless of the type of wood. That way we will have a craft table.

How to make a craft table in Minecraft, read here

How To Make Shears Minecraft - Tools are an incredibly important part of the Minecraft game. Players need items like Minecraft's ultimate pickaxe, swords, and fishing rods in order to mine minerals, capture food, and craft everything in the game. One of these tools that can be difficult to remember how to do is scissors.

How To Make minecraft scissors or shears in minecraft

Scissors in Minecraft

In Minecraft, players will have to craft shears to perform various tasks. They are used for shearing sheep's wool, but they also have other uses in the game.

  • Players can use the scissors on the hives to get honey or combs without breaking the hive.
  • Shearing a pumpkin will turn it into a Minecraft carved pumpkin or lantern in Java edition.
  • Mushrooms can be turned into normal cows when sheared. They also release mushrooms when doing so.
  • Pumpkins can be removed from snow golems with scissors.
  • Pumpkins can be sheared into pumpkin seeds in the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft.
  • In Minecraft Earth, which was recently closed, shears were used on Mooblooms and Wooly Cows.
  • Shears can cut a tripwire hook without activating the trap.


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Shears are also used to break blocks in Minecraft, including collecting blocks from:

  • Spider web
  • Dead bushes
  • Ferns
  • Shiny lichen
  • Sheets
  • Flower buds
  • Sea grass
  • High grass
  • Creepers, weeping creepers and twisted creepers
  • Wool

How to make scissors or shears in Minecraft

To make shears in Minecraft, players only need some iron ingots. Iron is everywhere under the ground, so players most likely have everything they need to make it out there. Melt the iron in a Minecraft furnace or blast furnace until there are two iron ingots. Combine the two to make shears. Players can also find shears sold by the merchant for 2 emeralds on occasion, and they can be found as loot in the shepherds' chests.

Players can also enchant their scissors to make them even more durable or useful with these enchantments.

  • Curse of Disappearance - up to level I
  • Efficiency - up to level V
  • Repair - up to level I
  • Silk touch - up to level I (Bedrock edition only)
  • Disappointment - up to level III


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How to use shears in Minecraft

Shears are used like any other tool in Minecraft. Players simply walk up to the sheep, block, tripwire, or whatever else they want to interact with and hit the use button. The use button will vary depending on the console or platform the player is using.

How To Make minecraft scissors or shears in minecraft

Apex legends twitch drops - Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts are bringing Apex Legends players another round of Twitch Drops this month with several unique rewards available each week from now until early August. The rewards this time around are loading screens, and all you have to do to earn them is look at a couple of Twitch streamers after first making sure your accounts are properly set up and connected to receive these types of rewards.

Six loading screens in total will be distributed to Apex Legends players with one per week through August 3. One of these has already been revealed and can be seen below with Horizon and Valkyrie, two of the high-flying Legends in the Battle Royale game.

Apex Legends gives away more loot for watching Twitch streamers

However, these are not just normal loading screens - they are created by the community. Respawn has been sharing more and more content created by Appendix players recently on social media, and for this month's Twitch Drops, the rewards were created by community members.

To earn Twitch Drops, you will first need to set up a Twitch account. Then link your platform account, such as a Nintendo Switch Online or PlayStation Network account, to your EA account. Head over to Twitch and navigate to the page in settings where you can link accounts and connect your EA account to Twitch, at which point you are ready to receive Drops.

To get the reward for each week, you will have to tune in to specific Twitch streamers. This week's watch rotation can be seen above. You only have to watch a stream for an hour after setting everything up to get your reward, but make sure you don't jump between streams to rack up a total hour of watch time as that won't work.

Next week, we'll see a different group of streamers with Drops enabled in their streams highlighted by the Apex Legends Twitter account so people know who to watch. When you get your loading screen a day after completing your watch task, know that the notification may look a little different than you expected, but you definitely got the drop.

"Once you've earned a screen and decide to start your game to admire his art, you'll notice a strange redemption message popping up," said a notice about the redemption process for Drop. “The title will continue to read 'Twitch Drops', but the image that will be displayed will be one from Apex Legends Global Series and the copy will simply read 'Unlocked'. Discard this and rest assured that your shiny new loading screen will be available for you to equip. "

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The first of the new Twitch Drops is now available in Apex Legends with more to come later this month.

Apex Legends gives away more loot for watching Twitch streamers

How To Hidden History of Fortnite - Did you know that the world of Fortnite keeps a hidden history where everything is connected? Every event that occurs has a consequence in the future, and that is what we are going to see today. The full story, from the beginning to the present.

It all begins on Athena Island. There people fought day by day and some began to use armor to win the fighting, until one day several meteorites fell. The island government began a deep investigation into the main meteorite, and a curious thing happened: someone came out of it..

How To Hidden History of Fortnite, read here

This visitor had some things to do on the island, so he stole a rocket from a building and made it work with some stones belonging to the meteorites. When the rocket went up, he sent some messages somewhere. Then he plummeted and teleported.

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Before leaving, the sky broke and little by little things were disappearing. The rift closed and launched a lightning bolt that created a huge cube. This cube traveled the ground leaving marks until it reached an island where it melted into the water. After completely melting the island began to rise and move around the map. It caused a blast wave and created zombies. For the first time the inhabitants of the island had a different enemy. However, they were able against them, but the peace would not last for long ...

Some time later, The Ice King appeared with an army. He cast a spell that froze the entire island and sent the zombies back, but this time with ice armor. This king let his greatest enemy escape: The King of Fire. He was in charge of causing earthquakes and pulling a volcano from the bottom of the earth.

With all this that had happened, many objects were disappearing for no reason. The government wanted an explanation and began investigating. They dug into the lake, where the bucket melted, and found some doors. To open them, you had to insert stones that functioned as special keys.

The government succeeded and discovered a portal to the dimension of the Nexus. There were weapons and a very large energy sphere that would soon become the protagonist of this story. When they returned to the island, things had changed. The volcano erupted and it seemed to be the end of everything! Jonesy was smart and took refuge, but he got locked up and spent several years alone… when he managed to get out he was amazed at what he saw: a futuristic city.

The volcano did not end the island thanks to a guardian, known as Solidaridad, who helped the inhabitants and made them advance technologically. Her contribution was so important that they built a statue in her honor. However, things kept going bad. This story is very long! We do not want to leave you wanting to know more, but we will tell you that then there is an epic battle, an interesting plot of time travel and seven scientists, the confrontation between E.G.O vs. A.L.T.E.R, the mighty Midas and his plan to finish the island, the arrival of Thor ...

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If you consider yourself a true Fortnite fan, you have to know its entire history, from the beginning to the present. We summarize the principle, now you have to know the rest by watching the video below. Trust us, the best part starts now.

How To Hidden History of Fortnite, read here