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Fortnite Season 6 cosmetics leaked, including Princess Fish Stick

Princess fishstick fortnite - A whole bunch of new skins coming to Fortnite in Update 16.20 are leaking thanks to the datamining efforts of some of the famous members of the community.

While Epic Games has yet to showcase all of the new character skins coming to Fortnite in Season 6, all of them have already been leaked by dataminers. It's worth mentioning that the datamining efforts of community members aren't the only source of information, as the developers themselves love to tease upcoming cosmetics.

Fortnite Season 6 cosmetics leaked, including Princess Fish Stick

Following the official tease of Neymar Jr. joining the fight at Battle Island, Epic released a set of exciting new Fortnite skins with the start of Season 6. The most intriguing additions from the last month included the aforementioned soccer player as well as the original outfit of Lara Croft and the DC Raven. Interestingly, Raven's description suggested that more DC characters were on their way to the game, which has now received confirmation thanks to the most recent massive leak of Fortnite skins.

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Traditionally, Epic Games releases new Fortnite updates on a weekly basis, and each new patch contains a slice of future content. These hidden additions are the main reason in-game data mining is thriving, as ShiinaBR recently demonstrated. On Twitter, the popular leaker shared all of the character skins coming in Update 16.20, including the previously revealed Harley Quinn. While there are plenty of cool cosmetics out there with smart design decisions, the star of the show is undoubtedly Princess Fishstick. This is a new take on a popular skin, widely loved by gamers for its silly looks. It's worth noting that the presence of Fishstick in Season 6 is quite significant as there is another unique variant coming in Update 16.20. The character has been transformed into something of a secret agent, which is certainly less bizarre than a fantasy princess. Interestingly, while the majority of the leaked costumes are brand new, the previously available Marshmello skin makes an unexpected return in its original form starting in 2019.

Not all of the popular battle royale titles on the market are this easy to analyze. Apex Legends The developers of Respawn, for example, once had a brilliant idea of ​​how to teach leaks a lesson while keeping the anticipation for new content. The team designed a fake character called The Forge to play mind games with the community and deliberately reference the non-existent hero in the game's files. The approach was quite effective, as players indeed believed Forge was coming to the game. - until a new trailer is released, in which the character was killed in cold blood.

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It appears that Epic Games doesn't mind at all or nothing about the planned content pieces leaking before official information is revealed. Such a hypothesis explains perfectly why the creators of Fortnite allow the leaks to spoil the surprises to come. At the same time, this type of behavior by developers may indicate that they are doing it on purpose. After all, massive leaks usually generate huge amounts of search traffic and generate genuine interest, which greatly contributes to Fortnite's popularity.

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