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How to get the wavy filter instagram and the wavy effect tiktok

How To Get Wavy filter on Instagram - In this post we will share information that is currently viral, namely how to get the Wavy Instagram filter. As you know by now there are many posts that share videos of various objects that almost resemble water movements. So that each movement of the object is still clearly visible traces of its motion such as slow motion motion or slow motion filter effects

The process of making the video turns out to use an Instagram filter called the Instagram filter wavy. This filter is now being widely used to create unique and interesting videos, just like on TikTok using the TikTok wavy effect filter. Anyway, you will definitely feel entertained by the wavy filter on Instagram. 

How to get the wavy filter instagram and the wavy effect  tiktok

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If you are curious and want to try having a wavy filter on Instagram, then below is the blind in the tutorial on how to get a wavy filter on Instagram via Instagram story, so you can choose the style of the desired Instagram wavy filter.

How To Get Wavy Filter on Instagram

  • Open the Instagram application
  • Tap on Instagram story
  • Scroll the filter collection to the left, so that you find the search for effects icon
  • Type the search effect "WAVY"
  • You will see a large selection of wavy filters
  • Choose the wavy filter that you want, here the admin recommends the wavy filter Instagram from Loopinglovers
  • Tap try if you want to try Instagram's wavy filter
  • Tap save effect if you want to save Instagram wavy filter


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By doing all the steps above, you now have a wavy filter on your Instagram camera roll. Please, now you can make a unique video using the wavy filter and share the video on the Instagram story

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