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Challenges of Week 8 FORTNITE

Challenges of Week 8 FORTNITE - The Epic and Legendary missions of Fortnite Week 8 are now available, and those who comply with everything requested can get up to 168 thousand XP. There are fairly straightforward challenges, while others deserve some strategy.

Challenges of Week 8 FORTNITE

FORTNITE Challenges of Week 8

  • Collect Holly Hedges and Pleasant Park Research Books

There are several houses in these areas, but players will need to find the investigation books in the houses that appear in the video tutorial.

  • Use the Guardian Towers launcher

You can complete the challenge by always falling in the same tower during your games so that you have more chances to use the launcher.

  • Find the open chests in the Spire or Guardian towers

There is not much science, just go to those places and look for the chests.

  • Damage the opponent within 10 seconds after landing

The best method to accomplish this mission is to play in Team Rumble mode.

  • Dance at Durr Burger

The Durr Burger landmark is located on the southwest side of the island, between Holly Hedges and Slurpy Swamp. It is west of the Guardian Of The Woods Tower.

  • Use the firefly jar at the Pizza Pit

We recommend collecting fireflies at Scenic Spot, north of Colossal Crops.

  • Drive from Durr Burger to Pizza Pit without leaving the vehicle

Since it travels faster off-road than other vehicles, the pickup truck is the best choice for this challenge. The best route is to drive through Weeping Woods and then through Boney Burbs to reach the Pizza Pit landmark.

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