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Pride Instagram filter, Here's how to get it

Pride filter instagram are currently viral and are widely used by Instagram users to take selfies. If we use the ig Pride filter, the selfie results will give a rainbow-colored effect, so the results from the Instagram pride filter will give a more attractive and beautiful impression.


As explained above, that when we use the Instagram pride filter, we will get a rainbow effect on the face. There are so many shapes and styles of Pride Instagram filters that we can see. So please choose for yourself which Instagram pride filter fits your criteria.

Pride Instagram filter, Here's how to get it

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How To Get Pride Filter Instagram

Maybe some of the Instagram users feel confused and don't even know how to get a viral Instagram filter like Pride Instagram filter. If you want to get a good instagram filter effect for selfies then you can try the ig Pride Instagram Filter

To get the Instagram Pride Filter, then you can follow the steps below:

  1. Please Open Instagram and do the Update
  2. Once opened, please swipe the screen to the right to enter the Instagram story.
  3. Once open, please slide your filter to the far right in the gallery effect search.
  4. In search please type pride
  5. Several pride filters will appear, in this post it is recommended to use a filter from with the name pride filter.
  6. After opening, please tap the camera button on the cellphone screen to use the Instagram pride filter or you can download the Pride Instagram filter
  7. Done.


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That's a short tutorial about Instagram Pride Filters, hopefully after you read this post you can easily get and use Instagram Pride Filters on your Instagram camera roll. 

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