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How To Get mega energy to mega evolve in Pokémon Go

How to get charizard mega energy - Thanks to the arrival of mega evolutions to Pokémon GO we have an additional evolution that we can perform to certain creatures so that they are much more powerful in combat, but for it to be possible we need mega energy.

Mega energy in Pokémon GO will now be one of your main concerns because we will require it to mega evolve a series of creatures so that we are fearsome in combat, but unfortunately right now there are very few procedures to obtain it, although we offer them below to make the most of them.

How To Get mega energy to mega evolve in Pokémon Go

Note that we can only use mega energy with its corresponding pokémon, so if we want to mega evolve all skillful Pokémon we must obtain their relevant mega energies.

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Get mega energy to mega evolve in Pokémon Go

Note that we can only mega evolve one Pokémon at the same time, so if we mega evolve another, the first will return to its normal state.

Currently there are only two procedures to get mega energy in Pokémon GO:

  • Through mega raids: they are the raids of a lifetime but we will face mega evolved Pokémon. If we complete these mega raids in the shortest time possible, we will receive more mega energy in return.
  • Thanks to special investigations: we will have a set amount that we can acquire per task, and also as general rewards when completing a specific step in each of these investigations. At the moment we can only get Beedrill's mega energy through special research, but more will be released throughout September.

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When we have reached 200 mega energy points we will be able to mega evolve the associated Pokémon and for a limited time. As soon as the transformation is complete and it returns to its normal state, the cost of mega energy for future mega evolutions will be reduced. Note that we will not be able to make use of mega evolved Pokémon when defending a gym or when we participate in the battle league.

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