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How To Plant trees in Cresta Ceppo or street food truck on Fortnite

How To Plant tree in Cresta Ceppo or street food truck - During the course of Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7, players are being asked to indulge in farming and one of the epic tasks introduced in the last few hours thanks to the Week 6 update really wants users of the Battle Royale plant specific trees. places on the map.

How To Plant trees in Cresta Ceppo or street food truck on Fortnite

Among the various timed missions this week, in fact, we find one that asks players to "plant trees in Cresta Ceppo, Forchello's street food truck or Radio FN." The goal is to plant three saplings and to do so simply interact with the small transparent blue plants (like the ones in the screenshot at the beginning of the guide) that can be found in different play areas, each of which has three different seedlings.

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This means that it is not necessary to go to all the places mentioned in the description and it is possible to complete the challenge by even reaching one and planting all three trees in the area.

Here is the full list of places where you can find the saplings to plant in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7:

  • On the hills in the center of the plaza formed by the Languido Lake, the Frignante Forest, the Pulsating Swamp and the Misty Moors
  • A little higher than the mountain north of Lago Languido, in the orchard adjacent to the paved road.
  • East of Scogli Scoscese, in the mountains behind the old circuit

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To further simplify the completion of the challenge, which is to give away 30,000 experience points, we have prepared for you a map with the exact location of all the areas of the game world where you can plant the trees.

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