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How To Challenges of week 9 of season 7 of Fortnite

Challenges of week 9 of season 7 of Fortnite  - As you know, new Challenges are released every week: Legendary Challenge is released on Wednesdays this season and Epic Challenges are released on Thursdays. Legendary challenges have five or six stages and completing each stage earns you XP. These challenges are only available for a limited time, so be sure to complete them ASAP to earn some easy XP.

There are a total of seven epic challenges released each week and completing each challenge earns you 30,000 XP that will help you level up and earn more Battle Stars so you can purchase more items from this Seasons Battle Pass.


How To Challenges of week 9 of season 7 of Fortnite

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Challenges of week 9 of Fortnite

We are now into Fortnite Week 9 and at the time of writing the challenges are not live yet, but these are the challenges that will be released at 3pm. BST:

  • Launch toilets with a Grab-itron (2)
  • Dance on a hijacker or as a passenger on a saucer (1)
  • Avoid taking damage while dealing 100 damage to opponents in a single match (1)
  • Reveal and opponent with a Recon Scanner, then hit them with a Railgun (1)
  • Drive an IO vehicle with off-road tires (1,000)
  • Use IO Launch Pads (1)
  • Bring an alien sample from a satellite station dish to the entrance of the Corny Complex (2)

This week's challenges are pretty easy to complete and you don't need a lot of guides or tips. The Grab-itron is a new item that was added in the v17.30 update that took place earlier this week, but we had already caught a glimpse of this weapon in the season trailer where we saw Rick using it in a taxi, as seen . over. You can use this item to pick up any item and throw it at opponents and the first challenge requires you to flush two toilets with this item.

The second challenge requires you to dance on a hijacker or as a passenger on a saucer. Kidnappers are marked on the map in each game, so be sure to check your map before jumping out of the Battle Pass so you can quickly land on one and thrill as soon as you land to complete this challenge.

The third challenge can be a bit tricky. but the best way to complete this challenge is to try shooting an opponent from a distance as it usually deals more than 100 damage. You will need to make sure you have both a Recon Scanner and a Railgun to complete the fourth challenge before attempting to attempt it.

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The last challenge is to take an alien sample from the satellite dish of a satellite station to the entrance of the Corny Complex

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