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How to get j balvin skin fortnite in Fortnite, requirements and tournament

J balvin cup fortnite  - The Fortnite idol series is back, and we have a new world ambassador of reggaeton, J Balvin, with a skin that you will be able to get completely free by participating in a tournament, and also a gesture, a hang glider and a backpacking accessory, and you We take the steps so that you have them.

How to get j balvin skin fortnite in Fortnite, requirements and tournament

Although everything will be quietly available for you to purchase in the item store from August 27, surely you will be interested in getting them totally free. It is a very particular skin, because in addition to the base set, it also comes with the energy style and the skeleton style.

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How To Get the free skin J Balvin in Fortnite: requirements and tournament

But of course, surely what you are interested in getting everything out is completely free, even before they reach the game store. To do this, you can participate in the J Balvin cup, a duos tournament that begins today, August 24, and that depending on the regions in which you are, has a series of schedules that you will have well specified in the game interface.

If you participate you will have a chance to win the costume, but also the backpacking accessory and the pickaxe before they are available in the store, although you will have to do well in the tournament.

What you have to do, in duos mode, is earn as many points as you can in a period of three hours in your region to try to position as high as possible to get the rewards.

Note that you can participate in a maximum of 10 games, and there are other requirements such as having two-step authentication activated and also having a user account of level 30 or higher to participate.

On this official page you have all the official rules of the J Balvin cup, but as a summary we will tell you that you must classify among the first 2500 in the European region to take the suit completely free with the backpacking accessory and also to the peak.

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So choose a good partner, and start participating in this tournament for three hours today to get all these rewards.

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