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How to get Tron skin in battle royale fortnite

How to get a grab a tron in fortnite - Epic Games revealed some crossovers this week in one of their most popular video games: Fortnite. The presence of the Flash Cup caused a stir because the superhero skin can be obtained for free until this Saturday and then it will be available in the store. But on the same day another character came out referring to the 1982 film.

How to get Tron skin in battle royale fortnite

It's about the characters from Tron. In addition to these four characters, the island which is set in this futuristic film is also present. Therefore, we tell you the only way to get it. Review the Epic Games portal that the collection is called "End of transmission." You can choose from a variety of different players and aspects.

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Among the eligible elements are: "Encryption, Firewall, Proxy, Data Path, Datagram, Bitstream, Command Line, Upload, Io and Broadband, which includes a removable helmet", they detail.

They also added references in the game arena to highlight the most iconic aspects of Tron in Fortnite. Finally, they include the “Lider Bike Rideable Glider and Retro Identity Disc Pickaxe and Backpack”.

How are Tron skins obtained in Fortnite?

Since his arrival in video games, there has been no other way but through the store. They specify in the review that the way to enter is through the object store, within the video game.

So if you want to get Tron skins on fortnite then you have to go into the shop and look for Tron skins then you pay according to the price listed there

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That's the information that can be shared about how to get the Tron skin in the battle royale fortnite, hopefully this post is useful for you

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