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How to Complete All Challenges and Missions Fortnite Fourth Birthday Event

Where to find birthday presents in fortnite - Within season 8 for Fortnite we have found a new anniversary of the license, four years since its original launch, and for this the development team wanted to celebrate it by adding a lot of reasons for birthday cakes and gifts, and also some how many missions.

Most of these missions are related to the elements of gifts and birthday cakes, and we are going to have, for example, to dance in front of certain cakes and obviously eat them, which they have put them for something.

How to Complete All Challenges and Missions Fortnite Fourth Birthday Event

To make this celebration much more enjoyable, we help you complete all the missions of the Fortnite fourth birthday event within season 8.

Fortnite Fourth Birthday: How To Complete All Challenges

Specifically, we have the following missions, and we help you overcome them:

  • Complete a Birthday Mission (0/1): Cake Tip Gathering Tool
  • Complete two birthday missions (0/2): Backpacking accessory Q4r4 me?
  • Complete three birthday missions (0/3): Emoticon 4? Brilliant!

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Throw birthday presents in fortnite

You must find birthday gifts (4) that are scattered throughout most of the locations, which you can find especially in the typical chests or on the ground.
Collect these items as gifts, and throw them like a grenade to use them to complete the mission.

Consume birthday cakes in different games

Within the mission of consuming birthday cakes in different games (4), we must approach the cakes that are scattered throughout most of the named locations. The ones that count are the pieces of cake that are around the huge cakes, and of which we now give you their location:

How to Complete All Challenges and Missions Fortnite Fourth Birthday Event

  • On sandy cliffs, at the entrance to the NOMS grocery store
  • In Coral Castle, south of the largest building
  • In a pleasant park in the center of the area
  • On the coast believer northwest of the car parks
  • In angry piles at the main entrance of the building that has the number 2
  • In common crops in the northeastern part
  • On grimy docks in the downtown area
  • In sleeping pools to the northwest, by the driveway
  • In City commerce in the eastern parking lots
  • In spiteful corner at the gas station
  • In Campo Calígine north of the water source
  • In sacred hedges south of the main entrance of a garden-like shop, which is located in the center
  • In the Lodosa lagoon right in the parking lots

There are basically birthday cakes in every named location except afflicted Alameda and less Skull Citadel.

Dance in front of cakes

Using the map above and their locations, simply perform any dance gesture in front of the large cake in those areas. You must do it in four different birthday cakes to overcome the challenge.

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After having overcome them, we will not only be happier but we will have obtained certain rewards such as the cake tip collection pick, emoticons and even a cool backpacking accessory.

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