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Where to find Stark Robots and Stark Industries Energy Rifles

How to get the robot in fortnite -  Stark robots can be found at the Quinjet landing sites. You can see the Quinjets flying while you're still on the Battle Bus, and their landing zones are marked with blue smoke. They also appear on the map with a white Quinjet icon, so you should be able to locate them quite easily. Just place a marker on the white Quinjet icon and head into the blue smoke.

Where to find Stark Robots and Stark Industries Energy Rifles

Where to find Stark bots at Quinjet landing sites in Fortnite

Once you arrive, you should see the Stark robots patrolling the area. They take a moment to spot it, so you can jump on them if you're cunning. They are armed with Stark Industries energy rifles that do around 30 damage, so be careful when fighting them.

They function as minions and other enemy NPCs that have been in the game before. They deal enough damage to knock them out and finish them off for elimination. You only need to destroy five to complete the challenge. It's also worth noting that bots don't appear in Team Rumble, so you'll have to play standard Battle Royale to find them.

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Where to find Stark Industries energy rifles in Fortnite

To get a Stark Industries energy rifle, you need to defeat a Stark robot and it will drop the weapon for you to pick it up. As we mentioned earlier, Stark robots can be found at Quinjet landing sites, which are marked on the map with white Quinjet icons and have blue smoke sticking out. 

The Stark Industries Energy Rifle is a blue rarity weapon that has two different firing modes depending on whether you are shooting from the hip or aiming downward. To complete the challenge, all you need to do is deal 1 damage to enemies, which shouldn't be too difficult.

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