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How to get the Relentless medal Call of Duty Mobile

How to get knockout medal in cod mobile -  Call of Duty Mobile is in Season 7 Elite of the Elite and players must work hard again to level up the Battle Pass. During the weeks that the season lasts, there are occasional events that challenge the player for new camouflages, weapons, and many other rewards. 

How to get the Relentless medal Call of Duty Mobile

Many of these players are looking to complete some of these challenges. Among them is getting the Relentless Medal in COD Mobile.

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How to get the Relentless medal in Call of Duty Mobile

In Call of Duty Mobile there are tons of medals that players can earn. These medals are divided into the two game modes; multiplayer and Battle Royale. Some of these medals can be obtained without the player noticing and others are a bit more difficult, so they will have to try again and again until they get them. The Relentless medal is one of the most difficult of all, as the player will have to eliminate 20 enemies consecutively without dying.

Our advice is to be patient and play normally without thinking about getting the medal. Focus on the game and just enjoy the game. Use the points streaks to get more eliminations during the game. The medal will fall sooner or later.

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