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How to Travel on Icy Feet Fortnite Chapter 3

How to get icy feet fortnite -  Fortnite's Winterfest 2021 event is happening now, and during this time, players can join in on a couple of holiday-related festivities. Players can head to the Cozy Lodge to meet with Sgt. Winter and open one of the 14 gifts every day during the event.

These Winterfest gifts contain things like skins, loading screens, emotes, and gathering tools. There is also a new winter-themed mission each day for players to tackle for additional XP, and one of these missions asks players to "travel while they have Icy Feet."

This Fortnite guide will pass what is Icy Feet and how to get it in the new map of Chapter 3. 

How to Travel on Icy Feet Fortnite Chapter 3

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What are icy feet fortnite?

By attacking snowmen scattered across the Fortnite island or getting hit by a cooling grenade, players will get "Icy Feet" for a few seconds, which just means their feet will have blocks of ice around them. Of course, this will cause players to slide and slide across the map, and they will need to travel a certain distance with these on their feet to complete the Winterfest challenge.

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While players can obtain Chilling Grenades to cause Icy Feet, these new items can only be found in chests, on the floor, or in supply drops. They are difficult to obtain, so the best option for this quest is for players to find some snowmen and hit them with their pickaxe to obtain Icy Feet. However, players will need to use multiple snowmen, as one will not be enough to cover the total distance needed.

There are two great locations on the map with a lot of snowmen, and that's Camp Cuddle and Greasy Grove. While falling in these areas, players should have no trouble spotting the snowmen. The group of snowmen at Greasy Grove is towards the south side of the point of interest, and at Camp Cuddle, there are snowmen all over the north side.

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Since there are more snowmen at Camp Cuddle, that should be the priority, but since both locations are close to each other, it shouldn't be a problem to get to Greasy Grove first and then go to Camp Cuddle if there are more Icy Feet. necessary. Once the mission is complete and finished, players will earn XP to unlock rewards in the battle pass. 

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