How to tame Klombos in Fortnite || How to kill the dinosaur in fortnite

How to tame a klombo in fortnite - With the first major update to Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1, we were introduced to Klombos, the legendary, massive dinosaur-like creature that roams the island at select points. 

We have found that Klombos are completely peaceful unless you attack them. This leads us to wonder if we can tame Klombos to establish a more dominant presence on the map.

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The answer to that question is unfortunately no. You can't tame Klombos the same way you tame other animals on the island, like wolves or boars. However, you can pacify them if you try to attack them and find that you are in over your head.

How to tame Klombos in Fortnite || How to kill the dinosaur in fortnite

Klombos can be distracted by throwing Klomberries at them, which are bright blue berries that appear around the map. As you can see in the image above, Klombos get very excited when they see a Klomberry. Feeding them one of these berries will instantly take them out in an aggressive manner and remove their hostility towards you.

Having said all that, this does not mean that Klombos will never be tameable. Klombos currently offer little to players other than dropping items if they are sufficiently fed. With such a massive presence on the battlefield, it seems unlikely that players will ever be able to use them to their advantage!

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