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Shakkei Pavilion, How To Unlock Shakkei Pavilion Genshin Impact

How to get into shakkei pavilion - In Genshin Impact's Inazuma region, players will find various domains spread across the islands of the region. Unfortunately, unlike the domains found in Mondstadt and Liyue, the domains found in Inazuma are well hidden and require Genshin Impact players to complete various prerequisites to unlock them.

One of the most challenging domains to unlock in the Inazuma is the Shakkei Pavilion domain. On the Inazuma map, this domain is located in the southern region of Tatarasuna. However, players may be confused as to why they cannot find the entrance to the domain at the location shown on the map.

Shakkei Pavilion, How To Unlock Shakkei Pavilion Genshin Impact

Updated Jan 25, 2022 by Scott Vengel: While Liyue has been the highlight of version 2.4, Genshin Impact fans are more excited than ever for Inazuma's return in 2.5. Leaks have revealed, to much of fan expectation given miHoYo's history with releasing character updates before release, that Yae Miko will be in the game's next update.

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Whether this is true or not, players are now looking to make more predictions about the region's history, and this means a return to the domains that expand the lore of Genshin Impact. Because many fans will probably want to complete the Shakkei Pavilion, for this reason, this article will be updated to include an overview of the mastery and some tips for completing it.

Shakkei Pavilion Overview

  • Location: Tatarasuna, Inazuma
  • Adventure Rank: 32
  • Rewards: 40 Primogems, 500 Adventure EXP, 5 Electro Sigils, Random Mastery Standard Rewards
  • Recommended Items: Pyro / Electro / Cryo / Anemo

The Shakkei Pavilion is a unique domain located in Tatarasuna. The Dominion embodies the story of an ascetic warrior who created the Dominion and the disheartened eccentric who would discover himself there, making it a must-play for players who love to rebuild. Impact of Genshin science. On the other hand, Shakkei Pavilion also offers some nice rewards, including Primogems, Adventure EXP, and a variety of artifacts and manuals for building characters.

How To unlock the Shakkei pavilion

To unlock the domain, players must first complete the Tatara Tales quest, which is obtained from Camp Kujou. At this location, players must talk to a Shrine Maiden and a guard who will ask the player to investigate the Mikage Furnace.

Players must then travel to the Tatarasuna region and speak to the foreman named Xavier who oversees the furnace. At this point, players will be asked to investigate three points in the barrier that surrounds the Mikage Furnace.

After investigating the barrier, the player will receive a map from Xavier containing the locations of three nearby cannons that can be used to destroy the barrier. The player must then travel to each of the three locations marked on the map and use the cannons stationed nearby to shoot at the barrier. To operate the cannon, players must summon the nearby Electrogranum to power it. Once the cannons have been fueled, players must aim the cannons at the barriers and fire.

After all three cannons have been successfully fired at the barrier, players can now unlock the Shakkei Pavilion. To unlock the domain entrance, head back to the southernmost canyon location.

At this location, players must aim the cannon at the rock formation on the far left. where the Shakkei Pavilion is located. If the player's shot breaks the entrance to the domain, you should notice a brief flicker effect appear at the location.

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Players will now be able to access the Shakkei Pavilion and freely fast travel to its location. After completing the Shakkei Pavilion mastery, players will receive 40 primogems, 500 Adventure XP, 5 Electro Sigils, 2 Guide to Light Talent Materials, 3 Heroes Wit, 5 Mystic Enhancement Ore, 30,000 Mora, and 1 Hopeful Heart. While Shakkei Pavilion rewards can only be claimed once, it is definitely worth players' time to unlock the location and complete it as soon as possible.

Also, players should note that the Shakkei Pavilion works differently than other domains in Genshin Impact; the domain can only be tackled once, so the difficulty of the Shakkei Pavilion domain will reflect this. Contains a variety of opponents from Nobushi and Fatui, including Pyro Agents and Mirror Maiden.

As such, while Anemo characters are recommended, players may be better off choosing their items carefully; Anemo's abilities that normally knock down and pull opponents in will have less of an effect on the heavy Nobushi and Mirror Maiden. On the other hand, Pyro, Electro and Cryo users are recommended for completing Shakkei Pavilion mastery. These elements work well together to create powerful reactions, such as overload. 

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