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Use an ascender at chonkers Speedway and Command Cavern fortnite

Ascender fortnite - Ever since Fortnite Chapter 3 began, mobility has always been at the forefront. Even in the current season, things are no different. With tactical racing and parkour allowing players to cover great distances, the way battles are fought has changed dramatically.

Although motion mechanisms are a nice addition, it is sometimes necessary to supplement them with other mobility devices. This is where the 'Ascenders' come in. Loopers can use them to quickly access IO blimps and effortlessly gain altitude. Unfortunately, many players are unaware of its existence.

Use an ascender at chonkers Speedway and Command Cavern fortnite

Since Chapter 3 Season 2 is still in its infancy, many players have yet to experience these mobility tools. To remedy this situation, Epic Games instructs players to use 'Ascenders' at two main points of interest located on the island. Those who complete the task will be rewarded with 20,000 XP.

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To put it into perspective, an Ascender is basically a zipline that runs vertically instead of horizontally. Instead of going side to side, players will move up. To complete this challenge, loopers must use an Ascender at Command Cavern and Chonker's Speedway.

For starters, players will want to land in the Command Cavern and make their way under the IO airship. Once down, players will be able to see two Elevators hanging from the IO airship. Using one of these to board the airship will complete this phase of the challenge.

Technically, players should also be able to land on top of the IO airship and use an Ascender to descend and complete the challenge. This will allow the player to loot and equip on the IO airship itself. Both paths are perfectly feasible depending on the situation. Once this is done, they can use a siege cannon to shoot themselves towards Chonker's Speedway.

Once at the Chonker's Speedway POI, Fortnite players will need to search for Elevators on the edge of steep cliffs. Most are a bit northeast of the POI itself. Using one of them will complete the challenge, earn XP, and allow the Loopers to continue their game.

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