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Stormtroopers in fortnite, Where to find Stormtroopers in Fortnite

Where are the stormtroopers in fortnite -  The Stormtroopers have arrived on the island of Fortnite to celebrate Star Wars day and offer you new missions. They will be patrolling some areas of the map waiting for you to help them in their mission.

Stormtroopers in fortnite, Where to find Stormtroopers in Fortnite

Once you visit one of these troop checkpoints you will be able to get the new E-11 Explosive Rifle which you will need to perform some of the missions. However, be very careful when approaching them and accidentally shooting them because they will turn hostile at the slightest shot. Luckily in our guide you will be able to know where to find the Stormtroopers control points in Fortnite.

Where to find Stormtrooper checkpoints in Fortnite


Stormtroopers are stationed at checkpoints or stormtrooper camps. There are three of them on the island, and you can see their locations below.

  • At the intersection north of Caserío Colesterol.
  • Along the road between Cruce Cremoso and Pueblo Pesquero.
  • Along the road between Circuito de Chonker and Los Jonesys.

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Once you reach one of these three places, you will see how the Stormtroopers are not hostile unless you dare to shoot them. By spending 100 bars you can buy the E-11 Explosion Rifle. The good thing about this weapon is that it has unlimited ammo and 30 damage per bullet, which makes it a great weapon to use in Zero Build mode. It can also be looted during the event, but if you buy it from one of the Stormtroopers you can get this blaster quickly.

Luckily the E-11 Explosive Rifle will be more useful in your hands than in theirs, since your aim will be better than that of the Empire troops. Once you have this weapon you can start doing the event missions to get the empire banner.

Finally, we remind you that in addition to the Star Wars event, the latest Battle Royale update from Epic Games has added a ton of additional new content. Resistance missions are a good way to earn experience for your Battle Pass. You can get the Omnichips to improve your Omnisword or find the battle buses, among the guides that we offer you in Quick Save.

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