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How to get the fists of destiny in Diablo 4, Read here

How to get fists of destiny in Diablo 4 - Having the right team is always a wise move, especially if they mix well with different builds. In this guide we will talk about the fists of destiny in Diablo 4 and where to get them.

How to get the fists of destiny in Diablo 4, Read here

Fists of fate in Diablo 4

If you're looking for a unique item that fits all classes in the game, then you should definitely get these gloves. It has been affectionately nicknamed "gacha gloves" by the community due to the sheer randomness of its effects and the fact that luck positively influences how destructive it can be

As amazing as they are, the amount of RNG and luck dependent items isn't exactly low in Diablo 4, but Fists of Fate trumps them all by far. The reason is simple: it not only applies all the possible combat mechanics, but also duplicates them without problems.

How to get the fists of fate in Diablo 4

We are sorry to tell you that luck greatly influences whether you get these unique gloves or not, in fact, the number of nightmare dungeons you will have to successfully clear will depend solely on when luck decides to reward you with them. However, there are a few ways to tip the scales slightly in your favor.

How to get the fists of destiny in Diablo 4, Read here

One of them is to kill all the spiders you see in the dungeons, mainly because of their higher chance to drop gloves. Starting from this base, and taking into account all the places where they are found (almost the entire map, why fool us), that makes the search a little easier. Our recommendation? Blind burrows.

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Being one of the signature monsters in this dungeon, the amount you can kill per attempt isn't exactly small. Even with that, you don't have them all with you, since while it is true that they have a higher probability of dropping gloves, that also applies to the rest of the drops (chest pieces, spotlights and 2-handed swords).

Once you're at world level 3 or higher, all you need to do is be very patient and spend the time it takes to find them.

Builds for Fists of Fate

These gloves rely purely on luck and are random as hell, to the point where they can increase attack damage by up to 300% or reduce it to a paltry 1%. There is no way of knowing what the final damage will be, but due to its popularity we already guarantee that the odds tend to rise.

When it comes to recommending builds for these specific gloves, two of the best choices would be Whirlwind Barbarian and Ice Sorceress. Both builds work very well with attack speed and will prevent that damaging 1% from spawning too many times. The key is simple: the more attacks, the less chance the RNG will play against.

How to get the fists of destiny in Diablo 4, Read here

However, remember one thing. When it comes to Fists of Fate, Lucky Strike is a major factor. The number of effects that can trigger just on hit (stun, root, heal, and restore) are not few, and if they were to trigger all at once, the result could be potentially devastating.

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Unfortunately, while they are a safe option to deal damage, they also have the slight drawback that their defensive capabilities are not very high. There is no risk without sacrifice, and these gloves are the perfect proof of that.

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