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Where is casino in Starfield, where to find casino in starfield

Where is the casino in starfield - In a sci-fi future where space travel is possible, it's fun to think that gaming is still a popular pastime. In fact, not only is there an abandoned space casino called The Almagest, but it is also filled with numerous treasures and weaponized spacers. So if you feel like floating around and wondering where to find the casino in Starfield, here's what you need to know. Let's do it!

Exact location of Almagest Casino in Starfield

Specifically, the Almageste casino is located in orbit around the planet. You don't do it in the Olympus system. This star system is located just to the right of Alpha Centauri, which is one of the first star systems you visit in the game. 

Where is casino in Starfield, where to find casino in starfield

Be careful, the Olympus system is very close to the Aranaé System, and it is easy to click on it accidentally. The only difference is that Olympus is slightly above The Aranae system.

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Once you make the gravitational jump to Nesoi, you will see the Almagest floating above the planet. If you call the station, you will only hear static.

You will need to dock and board at the station to access the casino. Once you are within 500m of the Almagest, press and hold the X button to board.

Where is casino in Starfield, where to find casino in starfield

What can you find at Almagest Casino?

From the beginning, you will quickly realize that the station has no gravity. Thanks to zero gravity, you'll be forced to float around the station using the Y Button to go up and the B Button to go down. Of course, you're not alone in this abandoned playhouse, as a group of hostile spacers have taken refuge there.

In total, there are approximately 10 armed spacers floating around the station. They aren't particularly difficult to take out as long as you have decent weapons and plenty of healing items like medkits, emergency kits, or trauma packs. Once those are taken care of, you can start looting the casino.

The biggest treasure in the entire station is a pile of contraband locked in a secret room. You will need the suit to put on the gloves, although we explain this to you in our dedicated guide.

Where is casino in Starfield, where to find casino in starfield

Additionally, you will also find the following loot:

  • 1 x Nova Galactic Manual (permanently reduces the fuel required for a gravitational jump by 1%)
  • 1 entry-level locked safe.
  • 1 x Advanced level closed safe
  • 1 x Master Level Lock Safe.
  • Various chests

Overall, it's a pretty good walkthrough, especially for such a short and sweet dungeon. That said, to make the most of the loot in this area, we recommend maxing out the Security skill to be able to open the more difficult locked chests.

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How to exit Almagest Casino

Since zero gravity can be very disorienting, it can be difficult to leave the casino. To find the exit, head to the top of Almagest. If you don't know where to go, just follow the instructions in the image below.

Where is casino in Starfield, where to find casino in starfield

And that ends our guide on where to find the casino in Starfield. For more information, here's whether you should kill or spare Ron Hope and how to easily escape naval combat.

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