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Where to find buried treasure maps in Fortnite OG, Read here

How to find buried treasure fortnite - As Fortnite OG Season 7 launches, we have more cool features and items to discover, including the Buried Treasure Map! This legendary item can only be found in this latest seasonal update, but where is it and how to use it? Let's find out Where to find the buried treasure map in Fortnite OG.

How to get and use the buried treasure map in Fortnite

Where to find buried treasure maps in Fortnite OG, Read here

Fortnite OG Season 7/8 brings back old areas, buildings and some pirate-themed elements. We even talked about secret battle stars might return this season! Pirate cannons are back so you and your teammates can blast across the island! Flint Knock Gun and Buried Treasure Maps have also returned and there's no doubt you'll be looking for them first.

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These Season 8 Legendary items can be found as loot on the ground and in chests in some locations around the island. They are quite rare, but you should be able to find one if you search one of the pirate areas first. Be careful of opponents holding a card while running. They can be an easy target because they are distracted and you can steal their card once they are down.

To find the hidden loot, you must hold the map during your journey. When it is in your hands, a golden marker will appear in the distance. Red markers on the ground will show you the way to the treasure. As you get closer you will see a big black. X what brands to detect.

Approach this giant X and start digging with your pickaxe! The treasure will soon be unearthed and you can open the chest to reveal its contents. Chests will usually contain regular loot with a slight increase in the chance of getting a higher rarity item. You will only be able to carry one buried treasure map in a pile, but if you are lucky enough to find more, you will be able to carry them all in your inventory.

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That's everything you need to know to find a buried treasure map in Fortnite OG seasons 7 and 8.

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