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Big head filter Instagram and Tiktok, here's how to get it

Big Head Filter Instagram - There are so many Virall Instagram filters that have been explained on this website. But the admin always makes very important and trending information, like in this article we will discuss the big head filter on Instagram

Big head filter Instagram and Tiktok, here's how to get it

Big Head Instagram filter is now very well known and many are using it, but you should know that previously on Tiktok it was already famous when many people shared videos using the Big Head Filter Tiktok. Also read: How to get Filter How old do i look Instagram

If you are curious and want to try to get and use Instagram's big head filter, please continue reading this tutorial until it's finished, because here we will share big head filter information.

As usual, when you want to add a filter, we can search for it through who made the Instagram filter, or you can also search for it via Instagram story in search by typing the name of the desired Instagram filter. Also read: How to get grinch filter on Instagram


In this post, we explain how to get the big head Instagram filter by going directly to the filter maker account. The Instagram big head filter is made by a creator who has the Instagram account name @tiagotoh

So if you want to see and get the Big head Instagram filter, please follow the creator's account, and you can immediately save the Instagram filter that you want to get.


If you are still confused about how to get a big head filter, then please follow the tutorial below:

  1. Please log in to your Instagram account
  2. Tap search, type the name account @tiagotoh
  3. Tap Icon Filter (smile icon image)
  4. You Tap Big head Filter
  5. Tap Try it, if you want to try it first. After that, tap save
  6. Done


After you have succeeded in getting the Instagram head filter, now when you want to use this filter, you can immediately use it by:

  1. Tap your Instagram story
  2. Slide the Big head filter to the middle
  3. To record it to press and hold video
  4. To share to your Instagram story, tap Send to, select it to the Instagram story or to a friend
  5. Done

That is the information that can be shared about Big head Instagram filters, hopefully this post is useful for you and you can get all the filters you want to get. Also read: How to Get Disney Cartoon Eyes Filter on Instagram


As already explained that when you want to get an Instagram filter, then if you don't know the name of the filter creator, you can still find it by doing a search from Insatgram Story then entering search and typing the name of the filter you want to get, but if you know the filter creator name You can immediately follow the creator's account and you will find all the filters from the creator, then you can save the desired filters. Also read: How To Get Anime Parents Filters on Instagram

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