Freefireluckydraw com : Spin and get free free fire item prizes from

Freefireluckydraw com - is currently being discussed among free fire players, because according to some information sources it is said that free fire lucky draws can be used to get prizes in the form of free fire items or skins for free by simply spinning. Is it true that the information about free fire

Freefireluckydraw com : Spin and get free free fire item prizes from

Freefireluckydraw. com is a website on the internet that is claimed to be able to give free fire items or skins prizes for free by just spinning it. Indeed, at first glance the website is like an event from Garena, so many people think that is the latest event held by Garena and prizes with items or skins.

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But in this post the admin informs that it turns out that freefireluckydraw com is not an event from Garena, and it turns out that is just a website that resembles the Garena event, so you have to think again if you want to get items or skins from free fire lucky draw com

Freefireluckydraw com, is it safe?

As already explained that the site is not part of the Garena event so this site is very dangerous, because if you use the site, your personal data will be used by other people and your account will be in danger.

Avoid using freefireluckydraw com to get items or skins and even free diamonds, it's better if you get items or diamonds legally by spending a little money or participating in events that are actually held by Garena and open them using free fire lucky draw com

How Freefireluckydraw com works

When you enter the website, you will be instructed to press the star spin button, when the spin process is running, will randomly choose a gift that you will be able to get for free.

There are lots of prizes on, starting from thousands of diamonds to weapon skins and more. If the spin has stopped and shows a prize then you will be asked to log in.

He said the Login Process is a step to claim a prize, you can log in to Facebook or VK, which of course is already connected to your Free Fire account. After that the system will ask you to enter your email and password.

In this step you must be vigilant, because is not an event from Garena, so when you enter this email and password it has the potential to become a practice of stealing your personal data

Therefore, avoid logging in or avoid anything that will provide email access and passwords from any type of account on the suspected site. Because if your personal data can be hacked, it is certain that your account will also be hacked or traded by other irresponsible users.

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That is the information that can be shared about freefireluckydraw com, hopefully this post can be useful for you, and become your consideration when you want to get free fire items or skins from

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