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How to Change Name Among Us on a smartphone or laptop [Work]

How To Change Name Among Us - There is a way to easily change the name among us without any restrictions that you can do when the name you make turns out to be not what you want or maybe because of a writing error.

How to Change Name Among Us on a smartphone or laptop [Work]

As we know that the nickname or account name in a game is an important part that we need to think about because usually this nickname or name will make it easier for others to add us as friends.

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In addition, we can modify the account name, especially in the game among us, to become a unique name or a different name from others. Because the more unique our game account name is, the easier it will be for people to remember it, moreover, the name will appear above the character among us when playing.

How To Change your name in Among Us

Changing the name of the among us game account, you can do it anytime and it's very easy, because in the among us game itself you can find the nickname change feature. If you are still confused about how to change the name in the Among us game, the following will provide a brief tutorial.

  • Enter the game among us.
  • Then on the front page tap on the Local or Online menu (choose one).
  • Tap on your previous account name just above the Host writing.
  • Then enter your nickname or new account name among us.
  • If you have selected OK


To change this name you can do it thousands of times without any restrictions, it's just that the only characters allowed in the alphabet A-Z cannot use symbol characters like # @! and others.

You don't need to be confused about choosing to change your nickname via local or online because basically the method is the same, so on both servers you are free to change the nickname among us via cellphone or laptop.

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As for the information that can be shared about how to change the name among us, hopefully this post can be understood and you can change the name among us according to the nickname that you think is better.

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