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How To Get Free Skins Valorant Weapon

Free skins valorant - Valorant is one of the most popular FPS games for PC users today. Not only is this game new, but Valorant offers a unique strategic shooting game compared to its rivals. And like any big online game, one of the things players are looking for in this game is skins! Because skin helps players look more manly among others!

Even though Valorant has many choices of agents, these agents do not have their respective skins, but weapons have skin options!

In Valorant, weapon skins rotate in and out. There are featured skins that change every two weeks. There are also “offers” which change every 2 or 3 days. So there are quite a few out there.

How To Get FREE Valorant Weapon Skin

There are 2 ways to get free skins on Valorant:

1. Complete an agent contract
When you open an agean contract, you can continue through 2 chapters of each agent. Every chapter you can get prizes such as spray and even skin weapons. When you reach Tier 10, you will be able to unlock Valorant weapon skins for free!

Of course, the skin you receive will not be as luxurious as the paid Valorant skin and can only be used by 1 agent, but at least you have a new variation for your choice of weapons!

2. Battlepass!
Maybe you could say this is not 100% free because you really have to buy a battlepass first, but from this 1 battlepass you can get lots of attractive prizes including a slick Valorant weapon skin!

The price of the Valorant battlepass is 1000 Valorant points or around 100 thousand rupiah. This subscription package will have 50 tiers, and you have to get as much EXP as possible per match so you can level up faster.


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If you reach the highest tier, you can get prizes in the form of weapon skins, sprays, Radianite Points (which increase the appearance of certain skins), Title Cards, Titles, and Gun Buddies.

The weapon skin that you will receive is also a paid skin which is rare and can be used for all agents, so the battlepass option can be a more interesting option!

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