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How To Get Free VALORANT Points, read here

How To Get Free Valorant Points -  VALORANT Points (VP) do not grow under trees, which causes virtually all players to use their current ones as carefully as possible. Players are looking to save their remaining VP for their next big purchase, such as to buy weapon skins for their favorite agent.

Even despite saving VALORANT Points as much as possible, you can still fall short when it comes to buying the look you have been waiting for. It does not matter if you are missing one or 10 VP, you will not be able to buy your prized item if you do not match the existing price in the store. Taking into account that VALORANT does not make any type of rental, you need to spend at least another five euros to obtain PV.


How To Get Free VALORANT Points, read here


Spending an extra five euros (or dollars) when you need very little VP is not ideal, something that triggers the desire to get free VP in some way or another. Do not trust the scams that can be found online and they claim that they will give you free VP if you give your registration information. However, you can earn up to 50 VALORANT Points through the Riot Games Support channel.

Most League of Legends fans created threads on Reddit claiming small amounts of Riot Points (RP) for talented artists who shared their work. This was a way to get free "unofficial" RP until 2016, when Riot stepped up and made it official.

You don't need to be Van Gogh to get some free VPs, but there must be tokens of effort in your work. Here's how you can submit your artwork to Riot to buy that look you've been looking for for a long time.


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How To Get Free VALORANT Points

Before going further, you need an artistic creation that supports your case. They can be drawings or voice-overs, you can use imagination and originality as there are no limits. Once you have done your work, here is what you need to do.

  1. Get a request through the VALORANT support page.
  2. Select "Purchases and Game Content" or "General" as the category of your request.
  3. Attach your work and write a message explaining the process behind your work.
  4. Submit the application and cross your fingers to get some VP.
  5. Keep in mind that you can get 50 VP at most. 


That's the information that can be shared about how to get free valorant points, hopefully this post is useful for you and good luck and you can get free valorant points  

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