Skip to content Skip to sidebar Skip to footer Earn free Vbucks from Vbmejor - suddenly virall and much sought after by fornite players. search for due to information stating that Fortnite players can get free vbucks by using Vbmejor com. If you are a player who is curious about Vbmejor .com, then please read on this post because we will share information on Vbmejor. com  Earn free Vbucks from Vbmejor is an online generator website that claims to generate free vbucks, but before using the Vbmejor service you better think about profit and loss, for whatever reason when we use the generator service it will get a loss.

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Game developers strictly prohibit the use of generators to get something, because generator performance is very detrimental to developers. However, if you only want to test, it is recommended to create the latest Fortnite account so that your account will remain safe.

After having the latest Fortnite account, please test the correctness of the Vbmejor com information, for steps to use are as follows:

How to Get Vbucks for free from Vbmejor com

  1. First, activate the internet connection in the trap you have.
  2. Visit vbmejor at:
  3. Fill in the Fortnite account username box.
  4. After that you determine which device you are using.
  5. Press the Continue button.
  6. Decide how many vbucks you want to earn.
  7. Then hit the create button and wait for the result until you can verify the vbucks you want to earn.


After you have done all the steps above, please wait whether will be able to generate true free vbuck or not, or maybe scam

However, some of the information received turns out to be a scam, so you have to be careful when getting information and first try using the latest account.

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But to be safer, it's better to have vbucks, you can do it by buying it at a shop that has collaborated with the developer so that the Fortnite account remains safe 

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