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How to get Galactic Reputation to unlock the Darth Maul skin in fortnite

How to get galactic reputation in fortnite - Fortnite is currently in the middle of Chapter 4 Season 3. This has already brought a fantastic Attack On Titan crossover to the game with an Eren Yeager skin and ODM gear to find.

While the Attack On Titan crossover has been splendid, there's nothing bigger or better than Star Wars.

How to get Galactic Reputation in Fortnite?

How to get Galactic Reputation to unlock the Darth Maul skin in fortnite

Fortnite players have until May 23 to earn the Star Wars currency, Galactic Reputation.

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To get this form of in-game currency, you need to complete the challenges found in the Star Wars tab. The challenges are the following:

  1. Land during Find the Force (5).
  2. Learn Force abilities in Rift Gates in different matches (3)
  3. Search a Republic Chest (1)
  4. Walking distance at night (500)
  5. Damage an enemy player wielding a lightsaber or DC-15 blaster (1)
  6. Destroy objects with Force abilities or a Star Wars weapon (50)
  7. Pick up ammo at designated locations (250)
  8. Launch kinetic ore with a Star Wars weapon (2)
  9. Hire a character (1)
  10. Distance traveled in vehicles (1138)
  11. Survive storm circles (25)
  12. Survive opponents (250)
  13. Win a Victory Royale (1)
  14. Distance traveled while running (1000)
  15. Travel Distance While Gliding (327)
  16. Travel distance on foot (2500)
  17. Search Chests (7)
  18. Overtake opponents (75)
  19. Restore Health (100)
  20. Earn shields (200)
  21. Restore health or gain shields (300)

Find The Force challenges will be released on the following dates:

  1. Started the Clone Wars on May 7
  2. Fall of the Republic May 12
  3. The first missions of the Galactic Empire May 17

How to Unlock Darth Maul Skin

Fortnite fans need to purchase the Premium Reward Track upgrade for 1,000 V-bucks to get the Star Wars Darth Maul skin.

As long as you own the Event Pass, you'll need to accumulate 11,000 Galactic Reputation Points to unlock the evil Phantom Menace antagonist.

Below are all the Premium Track rewards with the required currency:

  1. Sith Probe Droid Back Bling 1,000 GR
  2. Level Up Token 2000 GR
  3. Maul's Malice Spray 3,000 GR
  4. Wolf Pack Trooper Outfit 4,000 GR
  5. Emoticon Darth Maul Growl 5,000 GR
  6. Level Up Token 6,000 GR
  7. Weapon Wrap Menacing Presence 7000 GR
  8. Ahsoka Clone Soldier 8,000 GR
  9. Maul's Halberd Ax Harvesting Tool 9000 GR
  10. Level Up Token 10,000 GR
  11. Darth Maul Skin 11,000 GR

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Epic Games also has a free track for rewards, but the Darth Maul skin is not included. The first prize of the free track is a Clone Trooper outfit.

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