How to get sun stone in pokemon go, look here !!!

How to get sun stone in pokemon go - Pokemon GO has numerous evolutionary items, and some players may be trying different ways of using them. Here we bring you a small guide on how to get one of the most important.

It is the Sun Stone, a key item for evolving Pokémon such as Gloom, Sunkern, Cottonee, and more. Here are some tricks to get hold of these stones. Also Read : How to get sinnoh stone pokemon go and an Unova Stone in the Pokemon Go

How to get sun stone in pokemon go, look here !!!

How To Get Sun Stone In Pokemon Go

  1. Sunstones often appear in events where you have to complete Research tasks
  2. They can also appear by spinning PokéStops, although this is a very rare event that has about a 1% chance of happening
  3. You can also get it by completing weekly tasks, although in this case its achievement is not always guaranteed


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Many fans have commented that this item is too random in Pokémon GO and mention that it would be nice to get it from other firms or in more events.

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