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How to make Spyglass in Minecraft

How To Make Spyglass in Minecraft - As Minecraft heads toward releasing the big new Caves and Cliffs update, it looks like they & amp; they have decided to start dropping some fragments on the snapshot trail. Unfortunately, if you play the Bedrock version of the game, you will not have access to it. However, if you have the Minecraft Java version, you can try them yourself! While not everything that comes in the update has been added, you can still build and create some new things as more snapshots are released.

How to make Spyglass in Minecraft

Creating Spyglass in Minecraft

To make a Spyglass, you will need 1 Amethyst Shard and 2 Copper Ingots. Amethyst Shards can be found underground at Amethyst Geode locations. These are semi-rare spawns that contain amethyst blocks, as well as budding amethyst blocks that will grow amethyst clusters. You can break these groups and get the amethyst shards you need. Copper is also a new resource, which can be found virtually anywhere underground where iron ore can be found.

How to make Spyglass in Minecraft

Now that you have a Spyglass, what exactly can you do with it? Well, it primarily serves one function and that is to broaden your vision in an area that you are targeting. You just need to press the Use Item / Place Block button you have assigned, which you usually right-click on the PC. If you have your Spyglass equipped, this will zoom in and place a circular vignette on the screen. It basically closes your peripheral vision and focuses on the location you are aiming for. If you don't like the bullet, you can press F1 on PC to remove it. This also removes the HUD, so press it again to enable it once you're done.

If you like to explore and have a hard time knowing where to go next, this will be a great tool in deciding where to go!

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