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Update Instagram, How to Update Instagram is very easy

How to Update Instagram - One of the reasons why we always find Instagram at the top of the social network is the speed with which its creators adapt to the needs of the public. And while this means that their pulse doesn't quiver when it comes to drawing inspiration from other platforms, it also exhibits great adaptability. This also results, of course, that its users are constantly worried about how to update Instagram and enjoy new operating options.

Why Instagram Can't Update

Okay, we understand that you want to know how to update Instagram and try NOW a new cool option that you don't see on your phone right now. You should understand that these platforms don't usually throw their new functionality around the world all at once. Usually they are tested in a specific market, they are verified that they are working correctly and then the profile that accepts them is expanded.

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Like it or not, in general, users who live in the United States and use the iOS platform are usually the first to discover the latest options. After all, if we go back to the beginning, Instagram, as it is now Clubhouse, was an exclusive app for the iPhone. So, if you live in New York and use an iPhone updated to iOS 14, you might be at the top of the list.

Update Instagram, How to Update Instagram is very easy

Of course, all the news finally lands on our phones, via automatic updates. So if we're patient, we don't have to do anything but let the iPhone App Store or Android Play Store do its thing. This is the most convenient and safe way to update Instagram.


While not common, there were occasional errors and we experienced a slight delay in updating our app. We will review all possible options so that this does not happen.

How To Update Instagram

How to update Instagram on iOS, Android and Windows Phone
As we've said before, Instagram is updated quite frequently to address bugs and offer us new tools, but we can also force the engine a bit to make the process faster.

How to update Instagram on iOS

  • Click on the App Store icon.
  • Click on the top right, on Profile.
  • Swipe down to refresh the page until you see all the updates.
  • Choose whether you want to update all the apps the system has to offer or just Instagram.

How to update Instagram on Android

  • Click on the Google Play Store icon.
  • Write "Instagram" in the search engine which you will find at the top, next to the three horizontal lines.
  • Click on the Instagram app and verify that it is up to date.
  • If the Android system asks you to verify permissions, we recommend that you read them before accepting them.

How to update Instagram on Windows Phone

  • Go to the Windows Store.
  • Type "Instagram" into a search engine.
  • Hit update when the app symbol appears.
  • After updating, you may have to restart your device for the update to apply properly.


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How to reinstall Instagram on Android and iOS

This is not uncommon, but if you have problems with updating and normal use of applications, you can always use the option that computer scientists prefer after restarting: reinstall!


If we're using an iPhone, on the home screen we search for Instagram and hold down on its icon until an 'x' appears in the corner, which you have to touch to delete the app. To reinstall, we go to the App Store and type "Instagram" in the search engine. Since we have it installed, a cloud will appear next to its icon. Click on it and the latest version available will be downloaded.


On Android the process is similar to updating, but this time clicking on the 'uninstall' button and leaving everything needed to be uninstalled. Then we will return to the Play Store to find and reinstall it.  

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