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Codmobicp. com is now much sought after by mobile cod players, because is believed to be used to get cp for free. There are several cod players looking for information about, including how to use codmobicp .com - How To Get Free CP COD On Codmobicp com
Is legit, or is cod mobi cp coms a scam? keep reading this post because it will share very important information, especially for Call Of Duty Mobile players who want to understand in more detail about codmobicp com

to get cp on cod mobile, players have to buy it at a very expensive price, for that reason many cod mobile players are looking for other alternatives, one of which is by using codmobicp com. But do you know what 


Also read: How To Get Free CP COD Mobile From Codpts com is an online cod mobile generator which is claimed to be used to generate free CP. Of course, after you know about which is one of the generators, surely you know that if you use codmobicp it will be dangerous to your cod mobile account, because the developer strictly prohibits the use of the generator. So if you are found to be using a generator, your cod mobile account will be penalized or banned

However, because there are some cod mobile players who are still curious and want to know details about, below will be given a review of how to get CP cod mobile using codmobicp com, of course at the risk that you have to accept yourself.

How to get free CP using

  • Open a browser on your device
  • Then go to, with the address
  • Input COD Mobile username
  • Select the OS that is used
  • Tap Proceed
  • Select the amount of CP you want to get
  • Tap Generate
  • Wait for the generate process that is running
  • Perform the verification process to complete
  • Finish


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This is the information that can be shared about Hopefully you are among the lucky ones who can get free cp from codmobicp com, and the cod mobile account you have can remain safe. But if you don't want to receive punishment from the developer, it is advisable to get CP by buying it at a shop that has collaborated with the developer. 

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