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How to collect cat food in fortnite Season 7, Read here

How to collect cat food in fortnite -  The last legendary assignment of Week 3 of Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 is tied to Joey, the muscular warrior who is actually one of the aliens who arrived on the island in disguise.

How to collect cat food in fortnite Season 7, Read here

The objective of the challenge in question asks players to "collect cat food", food that the alien loves and that can be found in different places on the map. Although these items can be found at different points of interest, the ones that players can collect are found in two specific locations on the map, namely Ciudad Comercio and Moli Molesti. In the case of Ciudad Comercio, the cat food is found inside the large supermarket to the north of the area, near the wall. In Moli Molesti, on the other hand, the object is located between the containers in the southern part. In both cases the objects emit a blue aura and in their correspondence there is a small column of light that makes them easily identifiable even from a distance.

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In case rival players annoy you while trying to collect cat food, we remind you that the challenge can also be completed in Team Brawl mode, where there is less chance of finding an enemy in the early stages of the match and thank you. To the possibility of risking the hang glider you can easily travel from Ciudad Comercio to Moli Molesti.

Before saying goodbye, we leave you with an image of the map that we have created for you and in which you will find more exact information about the position of the two objects, the collection of which allows you to accumulate up to 30,000 experience points. , essential for leveling up in the Season 4 Battle Pass.

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