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Tornado in fortnite || Fortnite tornado release date

How to find tornadoes in fortnite -  Epic Games is always looking for a way to keep Fortnite games fresh. The Battle Royale has just received a novelty that will undoubtedly be familiar to some players. It is a new weather system that will affect games with meteorological events that can harm or benefit you equally.

This addition is part of the update that was released this morning for version 19.01 of the game. Thanks to this, your battles will be more exciting, because now you will also face dangers such as huge tornadoes and electrical storms.

Tornado in fortnite || Fortnite tornado release date

On the other hand, a popular weapon from the Battle Royale came out of the vault, so it's back in stock along with a few other surprises.

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Fortnite launches a new weather system and this is how it works

Epic Games wants the fighting in the Battle Royale to be more intense, so now you can find huge tornadoes on the map. You can take advantage of them to your advantage, because if you run towards them you will be shot through the air in order to plan.

This will help you to escape from complicated situations or simply to have greater mobility throughout the island. The good news is that tornadoes do not cause damage by falls.

On the other hand, there are thunderstorms, which are a double-edged sword. The reason? While you're in them, they will do some damage to you and also set nearby objects on fire. However, they will grant a temporary speed boost.

To be struck by lightning and have this advantage, the easiest thing is to jump into the water, stand under a cloud or go to a high point on the map. To welcome these news, Tornadoes Week began, an event where there will be a greater chance of finding these meteorological phenomena.

The event will run until January 17 at 8:00 AM Mexico City time. Finally, we tell you that the flare gun is back in the chests and supply drops. Now you can use it to spread fire in your games. 

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