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Where To Destroy spooky tv sets in fortnite, Read here!!

Destroy spooky tv sets fortnite -  Here are all the locations of where to destroy creepy TVs in Fortnite.
Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 is coming to an end. Season 7 is scheduled to release on June 8, 2021 and we should start to see Epic Games release teaser images for the new season.

So far we've had UFO posters scattered across the map, followed by the current in-game mini-event where players are abducted by aliens and thrown to another location on the map with full health and shield.

Where To Destroy spooky tv sets in fortnite, Read here!!

Throughout the season, we've had new Spire missions that somehow build towards the story line. After the last major Fortnite update, Epic Games released the first two omen missions. We've had an omen mission launch since then and it appears that at least one of the last two omen missions will launch today.

The data miners aren't sure they ruled out one of the missions, but we know for a fact that the "destroy creepy TVs" challenge will go live at 10 AM M. ET (3 p. M. BST). Here are all the locations where you can find creepy TVs in Fortnite chapter 2 season 6.

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Where To Find Spooky Tv Sets in Fortnite

To complete the challenge of destroying creepy TVs in Fortnite, you will have to destroy a total of five. However, there are actually at least 7 televisions that we know of that are scattered across the map.

Here are all the locations where you can find spooky tv sets in fortnite

  • Small sandy island northeast of Craggy Cliffs
  • Fort Crumpet (west of Sweaty Sands)
  • Northeast by Holly Hedges
  • Southwest of Dirty Docks
  • West of Lazy Lake across the river
  • Weather station south of Catty Corner behind the great snow mountain on the south side of the map
  • Southeast of Slurpy Swamp

Here's a all the spooky TV sets locations in Fortnite / Creepy TV Locations in  Fortnite
Creepy TV Set Location 1: Head northeast of Craggy Cliffs until you see the little sand island. Scroll and you will find one in the middle of the mini island.
Creepy TV Location 2: Head west past Fort Crumpet and on the edge of the map you will find the TV next to a large bush.
Creepy TV Location 3: There is a group of trees northeast of Holly Hedges that is hard to miss. Inside these trees, you will find another TV to destroy and it is located in front of a rock.
Creepy TV Location 4: Just west of Dirty Docks, between the two large blue structures, is another location for Spooky TVs in Fortnite. You will find him in front of a large and small tree.
Creepy TV Set Location 5: Go west of Lazy Lake and past the water. You will find the TV right next to a tree.
Creepy TV Location 6: Pass the largest snowy mountain on the Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 map and you will find another set to destroy. It is located in a campground and you will find the TV on the left side of one of the two tents.
Creepy TV Location 7: The final known location for the creepy TVs in Fortnite that you need to destroy is south of Slurpy Swamps. You will find it in front of a tree and next to a bush.

Remember, you must destroy the creepy TVs to complete them, so remember to swing them with your pickaxe. If there is no TV in the locations described above on the map and images, that means that another player has reached them before you and destroyed them. A few games will likely be needed to complete this challenge, especially since other players will be completing this challenge and the limited number of spooky TVs in Fortnite.

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The televisions will not really look like the images we have above. There should be a symbol on these TVs, but since we're writing the guide ahead of the challenges launch, they don't have any images. 

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