Where To Use CB Radio in Fortnite: Where To All CB radio locations

Where are the cb radios in fortnite - In the second installment of the Omen missions, we have been tasked with using the CB radios placed at random locations throughout the map. Players must use all five CB radios to complete the mission, so you will need to visit various locations. In the guide below, we provide the location of the five CB radios.

Where To Use CB Radio in Fortnite: Where To All CB radio locations

Where To Find CB Radio in Fortnite

The map below shows you where you will find each CB radio. For more details, follow the instructions below.

  1. Stealth Fortress: The first CB radio is below a small shack directly north of Stealthy Stronghold and directly east of Lockie's Lighthouse.
  2. FN Radio: The second CB radio is in a small shack just outside of FN Radio, a landmark on the great hill east of Craggy Cliffs.
  3. Steam Stacks: The third CB radio is on the northeast ledge of the Steamy Stacks complex, next to a trailer.
  4. Malicious Corner: The fourth CB radio is next to a small lodge between the two snowy hills northeast of Catty Corner.
  5. Slurpy Swamp: The last CB radio is on a small island in the southwest corner of the island. This island is south of Shanty Town. You will find the radio next to a trailer.

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How To Use CB Radio fortnite locations

Using a CB radio is simple. When you find one of the radios in the locations listed above, you need to zoom in on it. When you get close enough, press the main action button to interact with the radio and write it down in your log.

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