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Last Laugh pack Fortnite, How to get the Last Laugh pack in Fortnite

Last Laugh pack Fortnite -  It looks like the Frozen Legends Pack should be returning to the Fortnite Item Shop in the near future, as some players have spotted it on the Nintendo Switch Store.

Over the years, Epic Games has released some incredibly popular cosmetics that Fortnite players still wear to this day.

Last Laugh pack Fortnite, How to get the Last Laugh pack in Fortnite

Some of these have been unique that are only available upon logging in on a given day, while others have been able to in the Item Shop for a few hours before disappearing for months, and some were never seen again.

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Others are released as part of a bundle, meaning players get a mask, pickaxe, backbling, or glider, as well as an emote, wake, or spray. One of the more popular outfits, the Frozen Legends pack, seems set to make a comeback.

The Frozen Legends bundle, which contains the Frozen Raven outfit, the Frozen Red Knight outfit, and the Frozen Love Ranger outfit, as well as accompanying blings, was first released in December 2018.
He has appeared in the store multiple times since then, most recently at the end of January 2020. With the arrival of the holiday season, fans have been speculating about his return.

Anyone who hasn't gotten it should get their wish in the near future as data miner ShiinaBR noted that it will be returning. "The Frozen Legends and Polar Legends bundles should return very soon as they are already visible on Nintendo Switch!" The source tweeted.

When it will happen, from now on, is anyone's guess, and while the release date is likely to leak ahead of time, it still hasn't.

The bundle, for anyone who hasn't bought it before, will cost $ 24.99 / £ 19.99 and will contain the three skins we've already mentioned. 

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