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How to Get magnetic shield in Free Fire, read here

How To Get magnetic shield in Free Fire -  The magnetic shield in Free Fire is one of the tools included in the latest game updates. Its primary function is to protect your character from enemy attacks such as those made by grenades; all thanks to the generation of an energy field around the character that will protect him from damage. In this section of our complete guide you will know in depth how you can get the magnetic shield in Free Fire.

How to Get magnetic shield in Free Fire, read here

How To Get the magnetic shield in Free Fire?

The magnetic shield is only a protection that can be used against attacks made by grenades, but it is not bulletproof, that is something that you must keep in mind from the beginning when having your magnetic shield ready to use.

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This great tool is available in squad duel mode and has a total cost of 300 coins in the store, it is a fairly low price considering the great utility it has for players who use it at the right time, you can only buy one at a time. So you should use it in the best possible way.

The most recommended uses for the magnetic shield is when you are inside a house or building and you know that it is the ideal place to be attacked with a grenade. Also when you activate a gloo wall and the enemy wants to get you out of there using grenades. It will be the ideal moments to activate this amazing tool.

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The magnetic shield is not a total protection, it is only a protective barrier that will decrease the damage of the enemy grenades and thus not die under attack; at this point you will be able to use the first aid kits and regain the vitality of your character. Do not forget that this shield does not offer you protection against bullets.

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