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How to get the Superman and Clark Kent skin for free

How to Get Skins Superman and Clark Kent in fortnite - If you had to choose a superhero to save the island of Fortnite from the alien invasion, there would be no question about who to summon. That's why fans of the Epic Games battle royale and the DC comic should be happy for the arrival of Superman to Fortnite, which is available today.

How to get the Superman and Clark Kent skin for free

To become Superman in Fortnite, you will have to fulfill some missions of the current Battle Pass, which will allow you to unlock different objects until you become the superhero. Along the way is the Clark Kent outfit and the Secret Identity Gesture, with which he becomes Superman.

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How to get skins Superman in Fortnite

That said, to get the Superman skin in Fortnite you will have to complete missions. Here is the step by step:

  • Complete a Clark Kent, Armored Batman, or Beast Boy mission

    Time to help figure out what happened to Clark Kent's memories. Unlock the Call to Action emoticon.

  • Complete three Clark Kent, Armored Batman, or Beast Boy missions

    Clark Kent digs deep to illuminate his past. Unlock Superman's Shield Spray.

  • Complete five Clark Kent, Armored Batman, or Beast Boy missions

    Clark Kent remembered that he is Clark Kent ... and Superman! Unlock the Clark Kent outfit.

  • Glide for Three Rings as Clark Kent

    His powers begin to return. Unlock The Daily Planet Retro Backpack.

  • Use a phone booth like Clark Kent

    His powers returned, thanks to his help. Go to a phone booth and dress for the occasion!

This last mission unlocks the built-in Secret Identity emote, which is the one that transforms Clark Kent into Superman and vice versa.

More Superman rewards in Fortnite


But becoming Superman is not all, there are also several more themed rewards that can be obtained by completing a number of epic missions in Chapter 2 - Season 7. These include the alternate style Shadow for Clark Kent, Superman and accessories of the set.

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These are, in order, the Superman rewards that can be unlocked:

  • Kal-El's Cloak Glider
  • A banner of Superman.
  • The Loading Screen The Last Son of Krypton.
  • The Reaper peak of loneliness.
  • The Shadow variant for Clark Kent, The Daily Planet retro backpack (the "Night Edition"), the Superman Cape retro backpack and the Reaper of Solitude pickaxe.

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