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How to silence yourself in the Clubhouse, read here

How to mute on clubhouse - This article explains how to turn your sound on and off in the Clubhouse app. Your ability to speak in a Clubhouse room depends on your role and whether someone invites you to speak.

About mute functions, mute activation and club

Clubhouse is a social audio app, so obviously you'll hear other users talking. But what if you have something valuable to add to the conversation? Your ability to speak in one of the Clubhouse rooms you participate in depends on your role. So let's look at these functions briefly to get started.

How to silence yourself in the Clubhouse, read here

Moderator: When you start a Clubhouse room, you are the moderator. You are the one speaking and can add, remove and mute other people in the room. If you are a moderator, you can turn your sound on and off. You can start a room that is open to everyone, those you follow or people you choose.

Speaker: The moderator and the first user to enter the stage in a room are automatically speakers. If you are a speaker, you can turn your sound on and off.

Listener: If you enter a Clubhouse room in progress, you will be a Listener. Your microphone is muted by default. If you want to speak, you can raise your hand with the icon at the bottom. If you are invited to speak, you will become a speaker and be able to turn your sound on and off.

How to disable and enable your sound in the Clubhouse

Now that you know how talking in a room works in the Clubhouse, it's easy to turn your sound on and off when needed.

  1. If you are a moderator or speaker, mute your sound by tapping the microphone icon in the lower right corner.
  2. This icon will display a red line through it. This is your indicator that you are muted.
  3. To unmute your sound, tap the microphone icon one more time. This will remove the red line and you will be ready to speak again.
  4. If you see the microphone icon with a red line on the profile icon of someone in a room, it means that the sound is turned off.


Follow club etiquette

Before talking about the app, it's a good idea to review the Clubhouse Community Guidelines. Proper etiquette of users in a social app is important to its success. You can review this document in the Clubhouse app or online. In the Clubhouse app, tap your profile icon in the top right corner and then the gear icon. Select Community Guidelines.

To read the Clubhouse Community Guidelines online, visit the Clubhouse website and select Guidelines at the bottom.

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