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Where is the gold cube in fortnite, travel route and more Fortnite Gold Cube

Fortnite Gold Cube -  Fortnite Season 8 Cubed has landed and brought with it a host of new changes to the world famous battle royale. From another Marvel crossover with Venom and Carnage to a whole new dimension called The Sideways.

Where is the gold cube in fortnite, travel route and more Fortnite Gold Cube

In a throwback to season one, Epic has also brought Kevin the Cube back, and this time he's not alone.
A strange cube of gold can also be seen rolling among the numerous alien cubes that populate the map. Here's everything we know so far.

What does the Fortnite Gold Cube do?

The actual purpose of the Gold Cube is currently unknown. When the other purple squares began to move, it remained stationary, but since then it also began to travel. This most prestigious cube will likely play an important role in the end of season event that will take place before Season 9 begins.
As always, we will keep you updated with any new news about the role Fortnite Gold Cube will play.


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Fortnite Gold Cube location

The mysterious Fortnite Gold Cube started near Holly Hedges and Weeping Woods before beginning its long journey.  At the time of this writing, it can be found between Boney Burbs and Believer Beach, and it's ready to head for Pleasant Park.  As the object now appears to be continuously moving, its location will change dramatically throughout Season 8.

You are expected to pass through many of the named locations around the outskirts of the map before reaching your final destination. If the cube is moving, where exactly is it going? Well, according to a leak from the HYPEX dataminer, the Fortnite Gold Cube, along with all the other alien squares, is actually heading to the center of the map.

This location has been significant for some time in Epic's ongoing narrative, especially in the Zero Point storyline that has dominated many of the game's seasons.
It seems that all the Cubes except Blue, who has yet to move, will eventually gather in the same place.

It remains to be seen what happens when all the Cubes head towards the middle, but if history is anything to go through, fans can expect something big when they reunite.
For more information on Fortnite Season 8, check out all the Exotic Weapon Locations and how to complete the bounties. 


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