Gears of War skins are now available in battle royale, read here

Gears of war fortnite -  Fortnite players will have until December 17 to complete missions and obtain Gears of War skins.

The Gears of War event of Season 1 of the Fortnite Chapter 3 Battle Pass is active from Thursday, December 9, 2021. For a limited time, players will have the opportunity to get the skins of Marcus Fénix and Kait Diaz .

Gears of War skins are now available in battle royale, read here

It should be noted that the Gears of War skins are part of a new wave of skins that are coming to the Fotnite battle royale during these weeks. In this case they will include:

  • Marcus Fenix ​​skin with Sonic Resonator bling.
  • Kait Diaz leather with Reyna's pendant on the back.
  • Switch hammer pick.
  • Thumper Peak.
  • Butcher's Pick Cleaver
  • Knife emote cheats
  • Graffiti Hole E
  • Hang glider Esquife.


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In addition, the following missions to earn experience points are now available in the game:

  • Collect three COG plaques
  • Crouch behind a barrier
  • Damage an opponent with a melee attack
  • Deal Shotgun Damage to an Opponent
  • Collect beating souvenirs.

Fortnite players who complete all missions before December 17, 2021, will get the Crimson Omen graffiti for free. Additionally, users who log into battle royale from an Xbox Series X / S will get the exclusive matte style of the Marcus Fénix skin.

On the other hand, it is still unknown what the price in turkey will be for the Gears of War character skins in the Epic Games video game store.

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