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How to sit on Fortnite, read here

How to sit out on fortnite -  It goes without saying that Fortnite is a great game to play with friends. The popular Battle Royale game is extremely accessible and does a great job of rewarding both casual and hardcore gamers. 


Players of all skill levels can enjoy playing Fortnite together, even if half the group just wants to run around the map completing missions. But when a team spends all day playing, eventually someone will have to take a break. This guide will show fans how to sit down in Fortnite without leaving your party.

How to sit on Fortnite, read here

Sitting is a very convenient feature in Fortnite. Allow group members to get away or take a break without hindering others. When the seated person is ready to return, they can do so without disturbing the group leader to send a new invitation. Some common misconceptions about Fortnite are that it is getting old or not as social as other games. The presence of quality of life features like not participating shows that Fortnite is still well ahead of the curve in many ways.


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Players can choose to sit while waiting in the lobby, assuming they can stop admiring celebrity-based character skins for a solid minute. This is done from the social menu, which can be opened by selecting the social icon in the upper left corner of the lobby screen or the three horizontal lines in the upper right corner of the lobby screen. While in the social menu, you need to select the gear icon to the right of your own username / avatar.


This will reveal a few more options, including a Participation drop-down menu if the player is at a party. Selecting Sitting from here will be exactly what players want to do if they plan to take a short break from the party.

When players are ready to return from sitting down, they should follow the same steps outlined above and instead change their participation status to Playing. It should be noted that while seated, it will appear that the player has left the party entirely. But when they play again, they'll come back without a hitch.

There are a few other useful uses for the sit-down feature other than just taking a short break from the game. Friends can use it to temporarily separate themselves if someone decides they want to complete a mission. There are a lot of crazy missions in Fortnite, including things like using an Alien Hologram Pad. Not everyone in every party will want to participate in these side tasks.

One thing that keeps Fortnite exciting is the influx of new content at the start of a new season. When Actual Fortnite ends the season, it will be a good time for friends to return to the game together to see what is new for the next season. Skipping is a nice feature that makes it easy to spend a day playing with friends without having to fully commit to long, endless sessions. 

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