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Where to Apply Shields and Healing : Fortnite Slums and Orchards

Where is shanty town in fortnite - The Fortnite Location Domination Part 2 Challenges launch today, offering players even more content to navigate as they await the arrival of Fortnite Season 3. Basically, Overtime Challenges are a great way to help you spot the latest levels in your Battle Pass. Here's where to apply shields and healing to Shanty Town and Orchard in Fortnite.

Where to Apply Shields and Healing : Fortnite Slums and Orchards

You will need to apply the following amounts of hit points or shields in the orchard or shantytown to complete the next steps in this Location Domination challenge.
    Step 1: 100
    Step 2: 250
    Step 3: 500

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Slums and orchards in Fortnite

The neighborhood and the orchard are on opposite sides of the Fortnite map. While the slum is at grid reference B6, the orchard is at grid references F2 and F3, just north of the Frenzy farm itself.

From what we can collect, you don't need to collect consumable curatives or shields from any of these named locations to advance towards the challenge. Instead, as long as you wear bandages, a medical kit, consume fish or health shields or a shield while within these perimeters, you will raise the challenge.

Quickly complete the Location Domination challenge Apply shields

That said, if you head to the center of the slum, you will find a strange pipe statue. If you look at the bottom in the swamp, you will find Slurp barrels.

Break them to gain 10 life or shields for each while you are with them. Just rinse and repeat this process across multiple games and you'll have the challenge ready in no time.

This is all you need to know health app and shields in the slums or in the orchard. For more tips, tricks, and guides, be sure to check out our evolving guide wiki.

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