Fortnite monopoly 2021 : Fortnite launches collector's version of Monopoly and so you can reserve it

Fortnite monopoly -  Fortnite is now everywhere. The video game developed by Epic Games has stood out for being available on almost all platforms, including mobile devices. Now, Fortnite wants to go a little further and teamed up again with Hasbro to launch a collector's edition of Monopoly.

The Premium Edition of Monopoly features illustrations, themes, and characters inspired by the Fortnite video game. Added to this is a code for Monopoly Back Bling.

Fortnite monopoly 2021 : Fortnite launches collector's version of Monopoly and so you can reserve it

Players will be able to choose one of ten tokens, which are based on the Fortnite characters. The game includes Fortnite-owned slots and health point chips instead of Monopoly money.

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Unlike traditional Monopoly, where the goal is to seize the majority of properties to bankrupt rivals, players will have to survive.

It should be noted that the new presentation comes with 27 Fortnite costumes with pawns for characters that do not appear in the previous Monopoly: Fortnite Edition.

You can buy the board game for $ 36.99 through this link. It will already be available at any time in October, so you can pre-order.

The best weapons of Season 8 FORTNITE

Venom / Carnage
The newly introduced Venom and Carnage Symbiote Mythics have been the highlights of the last season. They appear randomly on the map and can be used by players to lure opponents through even buildings. The Symbiote's Grab ability deals 60 damage and has a 10 second cooldown.

Charge Shotgun
The charge shotgun, in simple words, has always been a high-risk, high-reward weapon. Players must aim well to get the most out of this shotgun as it deals massive damage.

The Charge Shotgun mechanic may seem confusing to new players to Fortnite, but after mastering it, they can easily exploit the 1.5x headshot multiplier on the weapon.

Pump Shotgun
The Pump shotgun is possibly the best shotgun in Fortnite history. Despite having been around for so long, players still rely on this weapon for close range fights. Players are recommended to equip the Gold and Purple Pump Shotgun variants for best results.

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