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How to get Shards in Call of Duty Mobile, read here

How to get shards in cod mobile - Call of Duty Mobile Clan Wars is a highly competitive mode, in which clans compete for territory through a hierarchical league structure. It is an exciting proposal for all those players who prefer to measure their skills with those of others; the incentives are greater the higher the league. (viagra)

Clans compete against five other clans each week to establish their supremacy on the map. Various game nodes are active for six days, each with tasks to perform.

How to get Shards in Call of Duty Mobile, read here

With COD Mobile Shards, you can create unique items. To help you maximize your time and resources in the game, we bring you a guide on how to get Shards in Call of Duty Mobile. Read on for all the details about the Shards.

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How to get Shards in Call of Duty Mobile

Shards are crucial in the Clan Wars game to purchase and upgrade exclusive characters. The more fragments you have, the more options you have to improve your gaming experience.
In Clan Wars, you can get Shards or buy them from the store with clan credits.

Clan Wars store in Call of Duty Mobile

Shards can be purchased from the Clan Wars store with Clan Credits. The currency can be used to create products that are available in the store, with the mark "Shard" at the beginning of the name.

Steps to get the fragments in the Clan Wars store

  • You must launch Call of Duty Mobile on your device.
  • Then go to the main menu and select the Clan option to enter the store.
  • To access the Clan Store, click on the Store option.
  • In this step, you must select the Shards you want to buy; it is essential to take into account the cost in clan credits.
  • After selecting the Shards, press the 500 buttons; in this way, you authorize the purchase using Clan Credits.
  • Once the transaction is complete, the Shards will be added to your account.

Clan Wars

By completing Clan Wars challenges, you can increase your coins and show off your skills to other clan members.

In Call of Duty Mobile, you can perform some actions that will help you earn Shards through Clan Wars.

  • Participating in Clan Wars is a great way to earn Shards and other rewards. Join a clan and participate in Clan Wars activities.
  • You and your clan members must complete objectives to earn points and advance in the league system during events.
  • You will get rewards, including Shards, for earning new leagues or completing tasks.

It is important to note that depending on your performance and the rewards you receive for your current league, the number of Shards you receive from Clan Wars may change. You can find the latest news on rewards and events by checking the Clan Wars section frequently.

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After winning Clan Wars, players receive Clan Coins, which you can use to get Shards for your character. The coins received increase based on the total number of points accumulated for the participation.

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