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UFO crash site in fortnite : How to explore a UFO crash site in Fortnite

How to scout a ufo crash site in fortnite -  One of the latest Fortnite missions tasks players with exploring one of the island's UFO crash sites, and this guide shows how.

How to explore the site of a UFO crash in Fortnite

Fortnite is releasing a new batch of Mission Challenges for players to complete and earn massive amounts of XP. Offering a few new ones earlier this week, one of those missions forces players to explore one of the island's UFO crash sites.

UFO crash site in fortnite : How to explore a UFO crash site in Fortnite

The reason for the unusual moment comes courtesy of the highly anticipated Naruto crossover, which officially launches today. The crossover event adds the entirety of Team 7, including sensei Kakashi Hatake as a new NPC, who is also the distributor for this particular quest.

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How to explore the site of a UFO crash in Fortnite

To begin the mission, players must first talk to Kakashi to receive the punch card from him. However, given his somewhat dark location, Kakashi is not the easiest to find manually. The copy ninja can be found moving around the cluster of rocks on the cliff to the north of the southernmost Guardian Tower, located on the lake north of Misty Meadows.

Approach the area to begin the first stage of Kakashi's quest line, which will consist of exploring one of the places where the UFOs crashed. While any crash site on the island is valid, by far the most convenient location is directly east.

After talking to Kakashi, players will want to head towards the top of the waterfall to the east. A glowing blue time trial icon can be found on the edge of the cliff, activating a series of timed orbs. Players must immediately head to the bottom of the waterfall towards the orbs, which are easily identifiable by the glowing pillars of light.

Several of the orbs are within the wake of the crash site, but all can be found in the immediate vicinity. Given the general time constraints, it is highly recommended to use one of the Shadowstones to improve mobility and stealth against other opponents in missions.

Naruto Time Kakashi is without a doubt the most talked about NPC, he is not the only new non-player character on the island. Rust Lord comes with a set of missions of its own, one of which tasks players with collecting shields from Slurp Barrels.

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Metal kegs are generally scattered around most of the named locations, but the safest method is to head to the Slurpy Swamp. With Naruto: Due to the immense popularity among the vast majority of players, players may want to protect themselves with Rust Lord's mission before taking on Kakashi's.

Once players have collected all the orbs and successfully explored the site of a UFO crash, they can proceed to the next stage of Kakashi's quest line; Hitting players with Paper Bomb Kunai, Fortnite's latest weapon.

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