Wolf pet in Diablo 4, How to get wolf pet in Diablo 4

How to get wolf pet in Diablo 4 - In the beta version, players will be able to experience some of what this upcoming game has to offer, including the wolf pet in Diablo 4. You will be able to level up to 25, take on some challenging battles, and unlock various items for each one of the classes available. And one of the many things you'll be able to get for playing over the weekend will be this furry pet that can be carried on your back.

Wolf pet in Diablo 4, How to get wolf pet in Diablo 4

Cradled in a backpack, this wolf cub is available to anyone who plays the beta up to a certain point, whether it's Early Access Beta Weekend or Open Beta Weekend.

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Permanent items to unlock in the Diablo 4 beta

There are only three things that players can unlock in the two weekends of the beta and bring them with them to the full game. There's the adorable wolf mascot and two titles. Other previews will not carry over to the full game launch in June, and the titles that will be able to carry over at launch are:

  • Initial Drop Title: To earn and hold it for the June release, players will need to arrive in Kyovashad—the capital of the Fractured Peaks open-world location—with any character.
  • Early Traveler Title – This title is earned by anyone who reaches level 20 on any character, regardless of which class players choose to start with.

Wolf pet in Diablo 4, How to get wolf pet in Diablo 4

How to unlock the wolf pet in Diablo 4

The Wolf Pack beta cosmetic item is obtained by reaching level 20 on at least one character during the Early Access Beta weekend, which began on March 17, or the Open Beta weekend. —which begins on March 24.

Once this level is reached, the cosmetic will appear in the inventory. Head to the inventory screen and equip it to ensure this fluffy pup rides on your back throughout the hellish journey to defeat Lilith in Diablo 4's story.

Wolf pet in Diablo 4, How to get wolf pet in Diablo 4

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To make sure that everyone who wants this pup can claim it for themselves, you'll need to make sure you're prepared for the Diablo 4 Betas release times.

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