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Fortnite free christmas skins 2021 - How to gift skins in fortnite

Fortnite Winterfest 2021 - Here's the list of all the Fortnite Winterfest 2021 rewards, including two free Christmas gift skins.  For the past two years, we have had a Winterfest event. Unfortunately, last year's Christmas event did not live up to the expectations of the previous year due to the removal of the Winterfest booth.

However, this year the cabin will return along with the daily gifts. We covered the launch date of the event above here and players are excited after seeing all the leaks posted by the data miners. As we have seen in previous Christmas events, we will have to complete daily challenges that will provide both Season 1 XP and cosmetic rewards.

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They will also be free daily cosmetics from those in the booth, and while we don't know what everyone is like, we do know what cosmetics will be available, including the two free Winterfest skins.

Fortnite free christmas skins 2021 - How to gift skins in fortnite

Free Winterfest Fortnite skins 2021

Last year, players were able to get the Frost Squad and Snowmando skins for free. They could be unlocked by completing nine and twelve of the Operation Snowdown challenges.

We're not one hundred percent sure how we'll unlock the free skins this year, but we're assuming you'll get them from gifts at Winterfest Cabin. There is also the possibility that one is available through gifts and the other through daily challenges.

Either way, thanks to data miners we know what the two free Fortnite skins are. We don't know the names as they are currently encrypted, but one is a frozen peeled skin and the other is the red version of the BlizzaBelle skin.

BlizzaBelle and Frozen Peely

The Blizzbelle skin will be available in blue for PC players, but everyone will be able to get the red version of the Winterfest event. Here's a look at the two skins:

Present rewards

We do not know the official names of all the rewards that you will get from the Winterfest gifts, but we do know the total list of cosmetics:

  • Winterfest 2021 banner
  • Base wake
  • Holiday Sweater Coat
  • Winterfest 2021 Loading Screen
  • Music Package 2021
  • "Epic Yarn" emote
  • "Scholar Festive" skin (not Blizzabelle)
  • Peak «festive scholar»
  • Winter lights wrap
  • 2021 Aerosol
  • Peak «male shovel»
  • Fortnite x Matrix Glider
  • Animated emoticon
  • Design «Banana Winter»

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