How to get the Web Thrower fortnite the mythical weapon of Spider Man

Mythical weapon in Fortnite - The third chapter of Fortnite has just started and it came with a battle pass. From Spider-Man to The Rock, playing The Foundation, players will be able to unlock a ton of skins with the Season's Battle Pass.

Spider Man also comes with some of the items from his hometown with him. You can find the Daily Bugle building on the map and move around like Spider-Man does in New York.

How to get the Web Thrower fortnite  the mythical weapon of Spider Man

However, to start throwing webs, you will have to get Spider Man's mythical weapon called the Web Thrower.

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Where to find Spider Man mythical weapon in Fortnite

According to Epic's release schedule, Spider-Man's Web Throwers shouldn't be in Fortnite right now. The Mythic Weapon's release was scheduled for December 11, but some players already collected the Spider Thrower prior to its debut.

Although it is unknown if that is a mistake or a nice surprise for fans, this is where you can get a pair of Spider Throwers in Fortnite.

  • Collect 400 gold by completing NPC missions or by obtaining it from the players you defeat.
  • Head towards Greasy Grove to find Guaco, who is in a Mexican restaurant.
  • Use the gold to acquire the Spider Throwers from Guaco.

Spider Throwers can be equipped with all skins in the game and it may take a bit of practice before you start swinging without downtime. When you miss a shot, the Web Throwers will go on a cooldown, preventing you from performing consecutive swings in most cases. Swinging through buildings feels quite natural and enjoyable, so many players will try to implement this new weapon in high-level games. 

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